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Any recommendations where to get stacked washer/dryer?

Hello all,

Moving to a new apartment that i plan to airbnb one of my spare rooms and im buying a stacked washer/dryer for convenience (this is for myself but guests can use it if they really need to)

Can anyone recommend where the best place to get one is? I’ve tried doing some online
shopping (Amazon, sears, lowes, etc) and am still suffering from sticker shock two weeks later. I haven’t tried any department stores because i think at this point online is the way to go for deals (especially cashback).

I also looked into getting a used one (i was told to avoid craigslist even though im a frequent user), and decided on avoiding on used appliance stores since when i found one i liked online i checked their yelp and they had several reviews on appliances that came infested with cockroaches.
I dodged a bullet on that one.

Sorry if this post is a little off topic i just still can’t believe the best deals for washer/dryers combos are in the $1,200 range, its seems like such a ripoff.

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Plessers, AJMadison, and there is another one. They are all located on Long Island and sell appliances at astonishing prices, and include delivery for free.

Or you can simply go to all those stores [strangely Best Buy is good for this] and look at the dinged units. Who cares if the paint is scratched on the side panel, the one you will never see?

Yes. Appliances seem like a rip off but it is what is it. For a good unit, you are going to spend some money.

thank you, and yes i have to bite the bullet soon on an appliance.

I will take your advise and visit some stores this week, i’ve also been told multiple times to visit HHGREG, which sounds like the name of a coworker who doesn’t get much action.

and ideally i really had my heart set on a used appliance, i just dont want to deal with it breaking down and god forbit any roaches infested a brand new apartment.

We got our one piece unit in Sears - but many years ago. If I ever have to replace it I might consider a dual unit that both washes and dries in the same drum.

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One thing to keep in mind with appliances is that newer, high efficiency ones will save you a lot on utilities and repairs vs an older refurbished model. I just bought new high capacity, high efficiency machines and not only do I have to run fewer loads, but each load is less expensive than with my old machines.


Years ago I sold appliances for awhile to make ends meet. I’ll say this – don’t cheap out. There’s frugal, and then there’s cheap. Do Not Be Cheap. It WILL cost you more in the long run.

Since you’re set on buying a stacked unit, you will pay a premium. I understand space savings, but you will pay for that space savings.

Best bet is to check local appliance specialty stores or Big Boxes that carry appliances, and search out the “scratch & dent” units. You may be able to save as much as 20%.


@CatskillsGrrl That is a tight fit. You leave out a stand mixer for your guests? Nice!

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Initially I didn’t have the butcher block cart, but when that came along - and fit the space perfectly - it realized it was just more convenient to have the extra counter space than to stand in front of the washer. It isn’t necessary.

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@kenh thank you that was just the advice is needed to pull the trigger on a new unit.
The new units come with one year warranty as well, which might come in handy if one of my guests breaks it.

cool chalkboard, i like that idea a lot!

It is birch-veneer plywood with chalk board paint. Frankly, the surface is too bumpy and porous to erase and re-write. I should have bought luan. Let my mistake be a lesson for you. :wink:

I agree with the suggestions to look for markdowns on the showroom floor sometimes there are great deals. When I remodeled my kitchen 6 years ago I got my microwave, refrigerator dishwasher and slide in range at Sears. I went multiple times and to both stores in town but found all four and overall paid about half price of their new retail price. Lowes and Home Depot also have washer/dryer units. Unfortunately you really have to go to the stores and look. If you call, they won’t really tell you or go check for you. Also I’ve had good luck with CL and depending on your community it might be an option.

Why don’t you get a two in one washer dryer. The stacker featured in the photo above don’t exist in the U.K! Try LG

I had my shower stall fitted to hold a full size top opening washer which I owned, then had a wood shelf installed above this and bought a small dryer to,fit the space. I rarely use the dryer, preferring to not pay huge hydro bills, gas dryer not possible due to rural location. For my Airnb laundry, I wash sheets at home, then use laundromat for drying. It costs me $4, and takes a very short time as I use several dryers. I put the sheets in, go do a nursing visit, then pop back and fold, then either back to work or home.

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