Any recommendations on affordable furniture/home deco brands?

Hi. I’m new to hosting and looking for affordable stores/brands with good style for furnishing my airbnb home. I’m looking at Amazon now but does anyone have any better suggestions?

All will depend on where you are located.

IKEA, Ross, Marshall’s that’s pretty much I shop. I also found a local furniture store who sells some modern looking furniture with good price. Sometime you just have to look around more. Sometimes those small furniture store have better price and some good pieces.

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Costco has good quality hotel towels with good price.

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American Furniture Warehouse, hands down.

Love that place.

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Home Goods is my savior!!

I know you didn’t ask about used furniture, but I found a great dye for leather. If you go to a used-furniture place and find high-quality but worn-looking leather furniture, you can repair it and re-dye it in a few hours and make it look new again. (I do not work for this company, but I inherited some older leather furniture, and fixed it up with this).

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I’m not sure if you live in the areas they cover, but AptDeco has a lot of different brands, both new & used pieces. I believe for delivery they cover NY, NJ (general tri-state) and DMV area (D.C., Maryland, Virginia)

I’ve had decent luck with Wayfair, if you’re not a tire kicker. It’s important to read the reviews. They almost have too much selection, in different price ranges.

I started in February of this year with a five year old bedroom set, used only five weeks during my daughters annual visit. Sad huh? But on my Facebook setup (please forgive my lack of techie language) there are lots of groups you can join and then sell whatever you like without paying a listing fee, so I bought a lovely '60"s dining hutch with leaded glass/lighted and mirrored top cabinets and a serving board opening which acts as a counter for preparing simple meals. This is in the room next to the guest bedroom which I dolled up pretty inexpensively with Amazon. Then I found a tweedy wing-back grey chair and a quilted barrel back chair with carved wood legs and arms trim, and to that old-fashioned mix I added a new Victrola on a matching cabinet with a variety of recodrs from Goodwill. Across in front of the two chairs is a long tweedy grey bench with a button top which serves as storage, a footrest or coffee table, compliments of Amazon.Guests may opt to use only paper products, plates and glasses, but I also have some lovely antique ceral bowls, a flowered tea set and when and many beautiful dishes I bought from Tuesday Morning and Home Goods and if someone breaks something I’m probably not out more than $2.99 a piece but they look like much more. I had a vision andpiece by piece, place by place, with patience and discernment, it came together. As an aside, I spent 12 years disabled and disconnected from the world. Four surgeries and lots of physical therapy and Airbnb brought the world back to me. I adore my guests.