Any reason can't see guest's review?

A guest left two days ago, and I was just notified that they completed a review. The email showed grayed out lines and said I’d be able to see it when I completed mine. I did, and an hour later, I can see my review on her page, but not vice versa?

Is there any reason this would be happening? I’m honestly hopeful there’s a chance it could be permanent. I’ve had ten guests and all five star reviews so far (one four star cleanliness), but she arrived with pursed lips, ready to be let down. She was terrified of my dogs- like genuinely quickly breathing when they came up to the gate and barked. She left at 5pm, one day before she was supposed to check out. And in her goodbye conversation said “I’m going to give you a good review, but…” [Commence laundry list]. I hope the “I’m going to give you a good review” means at least a 3, but honestly, all bets are off with her. And I’m almost more afraid of the narrative mentioning non-existent problems.

So. Does this happen? Previously I’ve always been first to review, so maybe there’s always this delay? Is it likely to fix itself? And when?

To clarify: my review is visible on her page. On my notifications it says that hers is hidden because I need to review. But when I click to review it won’t let me.

This is a question for Airbnb. As a forum of hosts I’m afraid we can’t help on this one. Give them a call.

I’ve had this recently (maybe a month or so ago). It just took a while to update. I’d wait a day or two and see if it catches up with itself.

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Wait for the email from Air telling you that “now that you and X have reviewed each other, you can read each other’s reviews.”