Any North Londoners want to host us?

We’re visiting my daughter over Christmas, but the other in-laws have first dibs on the spare bedroom … and the Airbnb host I booked with has just cancelled us - grrr! There’s not much now available at non-exorbitant prices over Christmas (23 or 24 - 27) so I thought I’d float it here, just in case … we’re housetrained and will give you 5** if you have a bed and a shower! Can pay on or offAirbnb platform, or if anyone’s interested in a stay in an apartment with a pool in Malaga at any time we can do a swap.

Hope it’s OK to post this, Mods … if anyone’s interested please pm me.

How annoying :frowning: @Malagachica

Sorry don’t know anyone in north London. I’m a south London girl.

Have you tried posting in the London hosts group on FB? (I would specify the part of north London you want- you know how big London is).

You are much more like to find someone there.


I just have to comment on how much this infuriates me. Did they give an excuse? This is why I wont stay with an Airbnb host with a cancellation notification among their reviews. I would assume they were one of those who “realized prices were too low,” or “got an offer for a longer rental” or “found out my relatives are coming to town.”

Grrrr is putting it mildly.

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I must be getting senile because that didn’t occur to me! Thanks, will do that …

@KKC, no, no excuse/explanation given. She’s a new host, only charging €44 a night for an apartment in Golders Green, so I’m sure she just got a better offer … the silly thing is that it would be so convenient for us that we’d happily have paid more if she had asked.

I agree with you about the cancellations - it happened to us once before when a host found out that the building management were banning STRs (I have to say that Airbnb were very good and gave us a substantial amount towards a new booking.) I see plenty of hosts who have had multiple cancellations though and they still seem to get booked!

Happy to help @Malagachica

Can’t believe you were offered a whole flat in GG for that price to be honest.

You will probably struggle to get a room for that over Christmas now but fingers crossed.

Another idea ask your daughter to post on local FB groups and say she has family coming from abroad for Christmas, who have been let down with their booked accommodation and can someone help her you all out and offer you somewhere to stay?

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Yeah, and also hosts with what I consider unacceptable star ratings and bad reviews and they still get booked. The only pattern I can discern is that people shop primarily by price and everyone just hopes they will get lucky. But I also won’t book with new hosts because I don’t want to be part of their learning curve.

I think you are right @KKC I’m stunned that these places continue to attract bookings.

I only ever book long established superhosts if I am using Airbnb with great reviews and no cancellations.

Much as I want to give new hosts a chance, I am not prepared to take the risk on a newbie.

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