Any Landlords Out There: How Do You Deal with Tenants ABBing (with permission)?

Because there have been many topics about tenants ABBing and how they are doing it with landlord permission, or not. I am curious to hear the Landlord’s point of view: How do you protect yourself insurance wise? Do you take a cut? Why do you find it beneficial, etc?

Please share your experiences with the community on this hotly debated topic!

Please Landlords Only! We have Many Many threads for Tenants discussing how they ABB.


I hope you get some great information for your research on this, and I’d love to hear about your findings! Unfortunately, my guess is that there are not a lot of landlords on this forum whose tenants are running Airbnb lodging since this forum is geared towards Airbnb hosts rather than landlords.

We have had the type of person she’s describing comment before. I am really interested in this question too. There has to be landlords out there who really like their tenants doing Air and maybe see it as a good deal for them, although I don’t see how. Just wondering how they deal with the insurance question, which is the big elephant in the room!


I ahve a small house for regular rent and got a call from a company who wondered if I would mind people coming through for short periods.

I assumed it was a company with salesman or whatever coming in periodically but it turned out they wanted to rent my place to abb it!

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