Any insight into generic Airbnb emails?

I have 2 entire houses available, we have a horse racing carnival where I have the houses booked directly for a week each since last year with returning guests.
I have had multiple emails from Airbnb recommending I unblock the dates so people can book 2 days only…
Why are these sent?? They make no sense at all!

All done by computer algorithm. You have blocked dates that have lots of inquiry activity, and AirBNB wants those houses to list. I am receiving the same message about this upcoming weekend. We are heading to Cape Cod to see friends. MIT has their graduation. Yea. I bet that there are people who are frantic to find a place to stay, but since this is our only vacation all summer long, I am not unblocking those dates.

Ignore their emails if it doesn’t fit into your own overall plan.