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Any ideas about why a lamp would be in an oven?

Good thing I looked inside before preheating the oven!

The apartment has some storage space, so that doesn’t really explain it.

Think it’s ok to use the oven? Obviously I would remove the lamp first…
; )

I could ask the host, but I’m not sure I want to know why he put it there

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What the what?? You are encountering all sorts of weird stuff on your travels. I’d put money on the host not even knowing it’s in there. I bet it was another guest and it just wan’t discovered. I love mysteries…(do ask the host if only for our enjoyment!!).


Coz it’s dark in there?


I’ve heard about people who use their ovens for storage, because they don’t use them for cooking/baking. If I were you I’d ask the owner before I used that oven.


It’s for en"lightened" cooking. Are you sure you are not staying at Tino’s? :smiley:


Well, when I clicked on the thread, I was assuming someone had put a lamp in your oven. Now, I do know some people who store things in the oven, but they’re usually kitchen-related appliances and other cookware.

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Check out this article about New Yorkers who use their kitchens as closets:


Maybe the oven light blew so that was the next “sensible” option. Haha

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This is the same place as the disgusting pitted and dirty toilet?

No, a new place. It’s much, much cleaner.

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