Any hosts from the Swannanoa/Fairview region in NC?

Hi All,

Looking at starting with my first Airbnb property in the Swannanoa/Fairview region in NC. I plan to use this primarily as a STR with a Rental Use:Personal Use of 9:1. I keep hearing about the county banning Airbnb properties in the Asheville region. Went through the Airbnb site and came across this forum. Have a few questions and would greatly appretiate some informed responses!

  1. What specific zone[zoning code] should my property be in in order to operate legally?
  2. Would a ZONE R(residential) automatically disqualify a property?
  3. Adv/disadv of purchasing an Airbnb property with an HOA?
  4. Safe zip codes in the Asheville area where I can build/buy?

We aren’t here to do your research for you. This is an international forum. This is stuff you need to figure out on your own. You have a planning dept, pick up the phone and ask!

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I’m new and just trying to figure out some of these same issues myself. Do some digging around on your local government websites. Use 9:1 means nothing to me as I don’t live in your community, that code is probably county and/or city specific. I can’t comment on the HOA question either b/c (thankfully) I don’t have one. I can imagine some communities with big HOA’s might be challenging to operate an Airbnb property, but this just my guess. Good luck!

@cabinhost is a knowlegable NC host who might chime in.