Any Host need Co-Hosts/Booking Assistance

​My Name is Undrey,

Ive been in the Real Estate/Property Management field for Over 10 years now. Recently I’ve aquired Units in the Fountainbleau Miami, Atlanta and Other Regions. Seemingly my Network has Grown. Im starting to recieve more business then I can accommodate. Meaning My current properties are booked and I still have several clients seeking Accommodation. I am looking to expand but at the Moment purchasing more Properties isnt the direction I’d like to take yet. Im looking for Individuals with properties/vacation rentals etc who may need an additional Host/Broker being that I recieve alot of business. Is their someway to research those in need of such services or assistance with booking their units? Im a Superhost on Third Party sites, I have the history and numbers to show and prove. I would like to host and list more properties that would allow my company to grow while also helping other property owners/host increase bookings etc. If any suggestions or pointers/references Id appreciate the Help!
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Step 1 -
Client: Hi Undrey. I need accommodation. Do you have anything?
Undrey: No, sorry. At this time I have nothing available.

Step 2 -
Client searches Airbnb and finds a property that fits their requirements.

Step 3 -
Client books accommodation.

Unless things work differently in the US, I can’t see where the service you are offering would fit in. Am I missing something?

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Yes you are definitely missing something. Alot of owners dont have the time or energy it takes to keep their unit booked. I handle that for most of them. Being tht my network has grown as well as clientele. So I have clients that are constantly seeking vacation rentals and accommodation. But all my units are normally booked. Ao this is where I refer my Guests to “YOUR” units if available. And/Or “Your” unit could be added to my network/listing. Guests book you get paid. I however get a %15 fee. And all parties are happy… Simple.

Before or after Airbnb’s cut?

After Airbnb’s cut but not effective to the Owner being my percentage is adding to the booking nightly cost so it doesnt effect the amount the owner request. Ex if the owner wants $300 a night then I book my guests for $320/325 so all parties are still satisfied.