Any Experienced Hobart Hosts on the Forum?

Hi Everybody (especially hosts from Hobart, Tasmania)
Ive been a host now for 2 1/2 years in coastal NSW and love the Airbnb experience and hope to do this for a career.
I’m in my early 50’s and looking to explore an opportunity that presents itself in the city of Hobart
Hoping to connect with Hosts who live there with the view to learning more about the logistics involved specific to there including local Council’s direction with hosting, occupancy rates, competition etc

Have you read about the resentment of Airbnb in Hobart?

Hi Deb
I’ve heard a bit about it through ABC news hence my question about Council’s direction with short term accommodation
I know the rental market has been tight for nearly 20 years and the advent of peer to peer hosting has made it even tighter.
I’m wondering what the council/state government may do going forward, I guess i’d like to know before committing, do you have a property in Hobart?

I dont have a property in Hobart - but have rented a couple. My feeling is that Hobart is saturated with hosts and I think it will go the way of the Gold Coast where you will need to be licensed. A friend has just sold his very successful apartment in the centre of Surfers as the quote from GCCC was $18000 with ongoing inspections that needed to be covered every year.
Mind you $7000 for the 12 days of the commonwealth Games was a nice send off!

Its sad to see the Council are so addicted to other peoples money, $18,000 is truly ridiculous
I read that Tasie Government has abandoned regulating Arbnb and had earmarked crown land for urban development
I am more worried about your second point though of saturation, I know hosting is a well trodden path, and I’m a late comer to Hobart however, I see the same thing in my home seaside town but my income has steadily increased each year???
Hosting requires a certain type in my opinion and its not for everyone, plus you need the spare room or a house to rent in the first place
These points Deb are the very thing I want to speak with the locals about
Do you host?
If so what has your experience been?

Front page of Hobarts newspaper today - the Mayor is asking neighbors to dob in Airbnb hosts…

Oh wow. I’m In Bellingen mid north coast of NSW. The argument flares up every now and then, However most airbnb’s are keeping people in their houses by being able to pay their mortgage. People who won’t rent out a room to a long term tenant. We have a granny flat that we won’t rent out long term as well. I am happy with STR as we chose when we rent it out and when we don’t. There are 5 airbnb’s in our street.

Hi Deb
I wonder what they can actually dob them in for?
Do you host?
What has your experience been?

Hey Shanghai
Your close to me then, I’m in SWR
Ive heard nothing by way of complaints about Airbnb here, everything is focused on tourism and holiday makers here, it’s our town’s primary income source
It helps pay the rates and a bit more to take the edge of the mortgage as you suggest
Thanks for your input

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Yes - I also host on the north coast of NSW - 4 entire homes

Hi Deb
Sorry I must have missed your post, wow! 4 homes is industrial!
I managed to read a snippet on the Mercury’s front page but one has to get a subscription to read the entire article.
There seems to be so much manhandling of peoples private businesses in Tas I imagine the locals are pretty fed up with getting their ticket clipped over any attempt at seeking an additional income stream. Its definitely not illegal and political parties would be risking a bit by trying to make it so IMO
I happened to read an ABC news article Siting people being forced to live in tents because of Airbnb, its a bit rich as it seems the target suburbs where Airbnb operates lies at the other end of the economic spectrum to the poor buggers relegated to staying in tents!
As far as I’m aware there has been a rental housing shortage in Hobart for decades, Ive owned a property there for 16 years and the vacancy rates are nil, Ive owned rental property an hour and a bit north of Sydney and had a terrible time with vacancy rates…up to 2 months in some cases
Do you have issues with seasonality where you are?

Occupancy is running at around 75%. It is hard work! I gave up on long term rentals after going to the tenancy tribunal 5 times trying to move tenants on. I was completely over mental health issues, hoarding, alcohol issues, overcrowding with family members without my permission, disputes between tenants, theft, verbal abuse by phone and to my face, property damage and just general stupid demands from the tenants.
I understand the issues for low income people and rentals as I worked in welfare housing for 22 years, but my properties arn’t in that rental price band, and neither do I want the issues that come with them. I needed to get myself a job so I created my own.
I dont understand why low income housing is the landlords issue. It is the governments problem and they haven’t increased the available housing stock for decades.

Deb, I agree with you entirely regarding housing shortages being a reflection of poor governance by the state and council, scapegoating Airbnb is an easy target and a cheap shot
Ive been a landlord for over 20 years and have heard and seen it all. The last lot I evicted got a special mention in a few of your categories, hence my interest in trying Airbnb down there.
If I do it wont be until next year and I figure by that time there will be an outcome as to type and extent of government and council interference