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Any experience with houstrip.com

I have been listed on housetrip.com for a couple of years now. It’s free but guest on average gets charged 17.5% of the total nightly rate. Then I am supposed to collect the cleaning fee upon arrival, and I believe also the taxes too.

I believe their bank is in Switzerland and I never did call my bank to see how much a transfer fee would cost. I am about to delist from the site, but wanted to ask first if anyone has had any luck.

I receive about 3-4 inquiries a year. But it is never clear to me at all that the guest has read the fine print and understands that other payments are due upon arrival. And I always have trouble navigating the site to even respond with a message. They don’t have a U.S. phone number, and I don’t have international calling.

I already jack up my rates 15% when listing on Booking.com or Expedia. It just seems like housetrip is a PITA and I never think to update my calendar on that site. I won’t use calendar synching for various reasons, and I manually update all calendars.

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