Any experience with commercial or hospitality TVs?

Does anyone have any experience with a commercial or hospitality TV? Are they worth the extra $150-$300 per TV for Airbnb apartments? What cable service do you use with your hospitality TV? What feedback have you gotten on it from guests?

Here are a few possible benefits, as I understand them… but again not sure if these are valuable or overkill:

  • welcome & other custom messages for guests
  • control over channels & volume
  • USB cloning of the settings to other TV’s
  • energy savings
  • better warranty
  • you can charge guests extra for premium channels, movies etc

Seems totally not worth it. In fact, it might make the place seem less Airbnb-y and more sterile.

Heck, I don’t even have a real working TV. Guests don’t mind. I’m up front about it. They’re here to see London, not to sit in the flat and watch TV. (And if they really want a TV, they’ll book another place.)

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@londonflat I think a hospitality TV can offer protection against a guest running up my cable TV bill or cranking up the volume to a point that causes a disturbance for the neighbors. However so far I think the chances of that happening are low. On average, only 1 out of every 10 guests of mine has some sort of a TV-related request. And out of that 10% subset, only a small portion has some sort of potential to cause a problem… So ultimately I don’t think it’s worth it either… or at least for now. As to any other benefit from it, I think it could be a monetization opportunity to charge guests for accidentals, food delivery etc and the higher price may more than pay off for itself. But based on the research I did, unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the technology for it is there yet.