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Any Cairo Egyptian hosts here?


Any Cairo in Egypt hosts here? I am trying to get a little local info to book. Asked brief questions of 3 potential hosts and get single replies that don’t answer the queries I have and when I repeat the questions, no responses. Not traveling until May - group of 6 adults.


I’m curious, are these well reviewed hosts? Superhosts? What made you choose their listings?


All Superhosts, all well reviewed, my questions were very basic…how far are you from the tourist sites… best ways to get around…
Answers were all within the hour with yes you can book, sent same questions again and complete silence.
Cairo has 22 million people so is enormous…
Chose their listings based on beds, bathrooms and wifi


Ah! Now you’re on the other side! How many hosts hate people who ask those questions about “how far”, “how to get around”. I’ve been planning international travel for decades, and personally I use maps, whether paper or online, to figure out where things are. And a guidebook or two from the library tells me about getting around.

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