Any Albuquerque hosts? How is your market?

I host a camp in south Louisiana and was looking at a house in Albuquerque and was wondering what your market is like. Specifically if anyone rents for one month minimum stays.

I think I am aware of only 3 other Albuquerque hosts and I am unsure how active they are currently. I have had three month long stays but mostly short term so unsure if I can even answer your questions. I just felt bad this sat unanswered.

@annanyc is in Corrales and she posted that she was disappointed in the market if I recall correctly. There is another downtown with a couple of properties who seems to do well.

Others will tell you that airbnb is not the best platform for stays over a month due to the renter gaining tenants rights. There is an air force base, university, community college that might supply long term tenants.

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Sorry I just saw this. My guess is, depending on location, month-long minimum stays are very possible. Again, very new here, but in the short six weeks I’ve been active, I had one three-week stay. She would’ve stayed longer, but she couldn’t confirm more than a week in advance and I let her know I really needed something more solid considering balloon fiesta. I had two more inquiries for a month-long and an indefinte month-to-month rental as well. Both wanted deals on top of my current prices, so I passed. However, I did just confirm a rental for five weeks from mid-November to December 22 at full price.

And I’m in Corrales, where the main draw (being out-of-the-way) is unlikely to be a draw for those who are around for a month for work/research/visiting kids who need to be more central. Closer to the university/downtown, as @KKC, suggests I bet the market’s better.

Not to hijack the thread, but I read somewhere that for “new” hosts, AirBnb will sometimes withhold the month long rental amount for a longer period of time? Anyone know if you can tell if this will happen in advance?

Thanks for the replies. That helps

Why would you deduct a fee that isn’t coming from your proceeds? If AirBNB collects and then make the payments, it isn’t really deductible is it?

I know that there are some hosts who are active on this forum who are located in cities that have this arrangement with AirBNB. Hope one of them will give additional information about how [and if] these taxes show up in their Account statements.