Any AirBnb property management services in Charlotte area?

I’m considering purchasing property in the Charlotte North Carolina area to be used primarily for AirBnb hosting. But because I live over 300 miles away in Pittsburgh, I will need to retain the services of a property management company, specifically one that provides services that are offered by agencies like Air Envy, Guesty, Huitly, etc. However none of these well known companies seems to be operating in Charlotte at this time. Any suggestions?

What about air concierge ? (

i live 1000 miles away from my apts, and 500 miles away from my place in Florida, I don’t use property management companies, what do they do?
all you have to do is find a good cleaner. (yes it is hard)
and good service providers, (plumber, electrician, yardwork)

only bad part is that when you come home every six months, you may find that the people haven’t done the work you’re paying for. try not to let them know your not in the area. or say your coming home each weekend or something. without a supervisor, most people slack off, especially friends.


I live in Charlotte. I am familiar with being an Airbnb host as well as setting up my sisters home in Nashville. If you’d like to contact me personally Id love to share what I have set up with my sisters home.



@Jshultsy - Jillian - that post is over 3 years old. It’s highly likely the OP either did not buy, or has already found someone to help.

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We use Alpha Maintenance and Property Management. They specialize in short term rentals and have been really great. I was nervous hiring a pm would cause our rating to drop but these guys handle it all. Very detail oriented and really affordable. They have a team in Charlotte I would highly suggest.

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Hi @Jshultsy

I am interested. Can you pm me?

Hi, I own Broad Connection Property Management in Charlotte, NC. We’re here to help property owners maximize their income. Please let me know if I can help anyone!