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Any accountants out there? Question about expenses


What’s your opinion of the situation:

We have 1 primary residence, and we are renting out the house 30 days this year, using it the rest of the year as our primary residence. During these 30 days, we are staying in a hotel nearby our house. We rent our house for $1,000 a night on airbnb and pay $200/night for a hotel. This is strictly being done to produce income, we aren’t on “vacation” during the rental period. So my question is, can I deduct the $200 nightly we paying for a hotel from my $1,000 night rental income, essentially paying tax on a rental income of $800 nightly vs $1000?

For the rest of our household expense, I understand that I add them up and prorate them for the number of nights. For example, it costs us $50,000 per year in expenses to own and operate this house, and I plan to take 30/365 x $50,000 in expenses to offset our rental income. I’ve also read up on the depreciation and the cost basis, etc. But I’m just not sure about the expenses we are incurring in hotels while we rent out our house and need a place to stay, and whether that is valid to include.

Thanks for any help!


Forgot to add, I’m in the US.


I do not see any way this could be considered “ordinary and necessary expenses for managing, conserving and maintaining your rental property” per IRS rules.
If you lived/had your office somewhere else and had to stay in a hotel by the rental unit to oversee repairs, that’s different.
Above is for discussion purposes, not professional tax advice.


For your cost basis (depreciation) and property taxes, don’t forget to exclude the portion associated with land vs building if your property is on a lot.


Can you find an Abnb for a month that is less than $200/night?


Zactly, your property is equally managed and maintained for rental purposes whether you are in a hotel, staying with friends, or sleeping in your car – or bobbing about the Aegean on a luxury cruise with stewards serving cocktails at your deck chair!

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