Anti wrinkle spray for duvet cover?

Hey guys! Long time lurker, I remember reading on this forum (but can’t seem to find it!) about someone using their own concoction to release wrinkles on their duvet cover that had like… hair conditioner in it?

I have these 100% cotton duvet covers (I can’t stand microfiber or polyester on my skin so invested in the 100% cotton) but they come out of the dryer SO WRINKLED!! Any tips for this airbnb host newbie?? We welcome our first guests in a few weeks and I’m SO EXCITED.

Appreciate any tips!! Thank you!

Welcome! The only thing I could find was mention of Downy brank Wrinkle Release and then taking them out of the dryer while still hot and not quite dry, and putting them directly on the bed


I finally invested in a steam roller iron. Its the only way to go if you are going a lot of changeovers on a lot of beds. I think you will get pretty fed up with that spray pretty quick, and on a double duvet it’ll be quicker to just get out your ironing board :slight_smile:


But only if they are still damp. 100% cotton. OMG!

What about a clothes steamer? You could steam the top of the duvet cover once it’s on the bed. I find sateen cotton least wrinkly, or how about a seersucker which is meant to be wrinkly? I have also bought cotton rich (70 to 80%) which doesn’t wrinkle.
Personally I would prefer creased cotton to polyester anyday. Don’t worry too much. I do mention cotton linen in my listing description but I am not sure how many people are bothered. The shops are full of polyester so most people must be buying it.

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Me too. I don’t worry about the duvet covers being wrinkled. And certainly no guests have ever mentioned it. As @KenH says, I take them out of the dryer as soon as they’re done and lie them on the bed so that the wrinkles can drop out a bit while I’m getting on with other stuff.

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Thank you for all your responses!! I’m going to try steaming it out :smile:

Wash the cover a few extra times…cotton gets silky smooth with age and abrasion…I have a spray bottle of just water…spritz the top a bit and smooth out with hands…gets my sheets wrinkle free enough.

The steamer is great but I am too short and so is life to be that overly concerned with less than perfectly ironed bedding…we are not hotels.

I like Mojito brand wrinkle release for duvet covers/visible parts of sheets.

and I would LOVE it if someone figured out how to make a DIY version.