Anti-discrimination policy

Does anyone else see a problem with this besides me? This will no longer allow hosts to decline requests that are not a good fit without penalty (loss of ability to book future guests in a declined block of time). For example I had a request from someone I declined because they didn’t read the listing and assumed the house was shared and not stand alone. Nothing to do with discrimination, just passing on someone that didn’t bother to read the listing and assumed the house rules.

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You will still be able to decline guests for not being a good fit and still book another guest. The only thing that will make you unable to book another guest is to decline the guest using the reason that the unit is unavailable on the days the guest is trying to book. The reason is that African Americans inquired about listings and were told that the listings were unavailable on the days they were trying to book. They asked Caucasian friends to inquire about booking the same dates. The Caucasians were accepted.

I conduct hosting over my phone app which only allows decline or accept with no mention of reason… I hope you are correct or I may have to look at other options outside of airbnb.

Just make sure you document via Air why you’re saying “no”. If you see your calendar get blocked, call CS and tell them to look at your communication and that there were reasons you declined. I sure hope that we can be “discriminatory” on an individual basis when there is no bearing on what they look like, etc, but because they don’t read or are rude…

But I do agree that so much of this discrimination policy seems more like a lip service and reaction to bad press and not something they can reasonably do. Maybe if they really listened to their hosts and guests and did something about the individual listings that people get relocated on and/or have horrible reviews and not rely so heavily on algorithms…