Another thought about IB

I know this is a touchy subject. I just have a simple thought to add. Disclaimer: I use IB and it has been great.

I was speaking with some guests as they were leaving. They were saying that it was so difficult trying to book an airbnb because most hosts never write back - or do so a day or two later. I’m sure that most of us on this forum are more professional than this. But it has been my experience, also, and it is extremely frustrating as the consumer. When a person has time to book the details of their trip, they want to get that job done. They don’t want to attempt to book one place, then have to wait three days for a host to respond or not, then have to start the process over again.

This guest didn’t really understand that I had instant book, but he appreciated very much that he was able to book immediately.

So perhaps the whole IB thing, in part, is to make it easier for the consumer since so many hosts are not professional.


I absolutely agree with you. When I was booking for my upcoming trip I turned on the IB and Superhost filters. If there weren’t suitable options I turned them off. Out of the 4 places I booked 3 were IB SH. The non IB, non SH replied within 2 hours and accepted. With IB on I’m booked at least 10 nights a month. With IB off it was half that. About half my travelers are day before or same day bookers. Also, the Europeans don’t have cell coverage so they need an answer while they are at their wi-fi enabled location.


the ‘wi-fi’ aspect is a good addition to the conversation.

I was thinking more on this and remembering when I was trying to book a stay in Virginia Beach for a college visit my daughter is going to make. A number of the listings said “some pets”. Some pets? Sorry to say anything bad about dogs - I love them - but I have an aversion to being barked at or hearing barking, especially sharp, pointy barking…and I’m slightly allergic. So, what does ‘some pets’ mean? Fish? Birds? 5 dogs? One dog that’s everywhere, a large dog that is cool, a small dog that barks a lot, or one dog that never enters the guests space? I wrote to a few listings to get more info - heard from one - a week later. But since it was 2 in the morning - I just booked a hotel and moved on. So many listing - shyeash - they are so drab, poorly photographed, vaguely described, or have weird details like ‘bring your own towels’. Dang.


I think that some pets means one of two things. Either more than one species of pets; most commonly cats and dogs. To the best of my knowledge; Airbnb doesn’t have multiple lines for listing pets nor does it have a cats and dogs option so this is the best owners of multiple species of pets can do. The other thing some pets would mean is species other than cats and dogs (hamsters, reptiles, guinea pigs, rabbits, horses, chickens, the possibilities are endless).

If you don’t like hearing barking or being barked at; I would recommend that you don’t stay at houses with dogs. This is how they communicate. Our dogs who are generally described as extremely calm bark when people come home, when the mail carrier or a package deliverer comes to the door, when the cat from next door is in our yard, when squirrels are in our yard, etc. This is normal dog behavior. If you stay in the suburbs; I don’t know how you’ll avoid hearing the barking of your hosts’ neighbors’ dogs. One thing to know about suppressing dogs barking; it makes them neurotic. As barking is talking for dogs; if they aren’t allowed to bark they have to find another way to communicate. Our neighbor uses a shock collar to stop his dog from barking. She has turned in to a biter.


Here’s another consideration: IB is much easier for those less familiar with technology. I have a number of older coworkers who are not exactly tech savy. When we were starting our Airbnb, I asked them about their experience, and they expressed frustration with the booking inquiries, back & forth messaging, etc. This caused them to just book hotels.

The interface is very natural and easy to use for me, but I could see how a simple one-click booking can appeal to them.


I wish I could turn IB on for certain dates/periods in my calendar.

My peak weeks I do not want instant book, and I also do not want IB months in advance.


I agree. Let me take a straw poll. If you were booking a trip to Hawaii and we seeking a studio in a rural location… Would you filter for IB even though a host has nearly instantaneous response rate?

Yes, but if I didn’t find one I liked I’d turn it off and search again. I don’t know if you have a nearly instant response rate when I’m searching. IB puts control in the hands of the guest. As a guest I like that. I like that I know I don’t have to pass some unseen test of the host’s.

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@dcmooney I sent you a pm.

Yes, I definitely see your point, although in my recent searches for a popular city in Europe, all the Airs and Wimdus were so out of my price range. I didn’t want to miss a good one by filtering IB. One advertised for 44 per night but when I totaled it, it came to 88. Forget it. I found a nice hotel for $51. And that’s over Christmas week!

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The hotel I found in NYC last summer had a kitchenette thing: refrigerator, microwave, sink, dishes. Being able to take leftovers to reheat and having a place to store and serve beer/wine can be a tremendous money saver. I’m not one of those people who has to eat 3 gourmet meals each day of holiday. So if it’s a hotel with no fridge vs a more expensive studio then that complicates matters.

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Christmas is quite unpopular for vacations in Europe most people stay at home, and spend time with family, you can negotiate good prices then.

But right after christmas, 27th until the 07th it is the peak period of the year, prices double or tripple compared to the rest of the year.


Yup, that is when we are going. :smiley:

I am already fully booked for that period.

People are already making bookings for 27th December 2017 next year. :slight_smile:

Chris… Where are you? England right? Who makes reservations for Christmas a year and a half in advance??

A LOT of the Airs and Wimdus were so booked I had to turn to hotels… Which had deals. :smiley:


A lot of people. New Year is the peak period of the year.
When you are in a ski resort, you can sell anything, people will take any room they can get.

If you want a good place, you need to book a year or more in advance.

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We’re going to Prague… and still some deals to be had. :smile:

I don’t filter for IB personally. I do take note of the host’s response rate.

Happy to hear you’re getting a trip! Hope you see some snow this time!

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