Another reason not to illegally rent out your rented accommodation


Some of the off-plan apartment projects in Melbourne now even come with no Airbnb clauses. Not that it’s a bad thing, the markets getting way too saturated.

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I think thats an extreme case. He owed him $9000 already for rent even though he was subletting.

Lots of tenants got caught and never went to court. Most owners would just evict the person for breaking the terms of contract.

It may be an extreme case, but the point is that there is now a legal precedent regarding illegal sub letting.


Whether its eviction or repaying rental money, the point remains that anyone who puts their rented apartment on Airbnb (without the express written permission of the landlord) is a total jerk who is unlikely to get away with it in the long run.


Completely agree, @jaquo. Back in the day @konacoconutz and I often took up that banner with the newbies who would come to the forum with tales of their Airbnb empire of a rented apartment. Often the topic was a complaint about the landlord - you know, because he or she is not with it and supportive of their personal choice to rent on Airbnb. We finally gave up.