Another plea for help with a bad review

I had a guest who left the room smelling of cigarettes and left broken glass on the floor, which I discovered was the ceiling light fixture.
I impulsively left a review saying that I was upset about the cigarette smell and shocked that she did tell me about the broken light fixture and would leave glass the floor. Now I am going to edit the review and just be factual.

Can you help me with the stars?
I do believe she smoked inside because I smelled it instantly when I walked into the room. So she broke house rules. There is a smoking area right outside the door, so in theory the smoke could have gotten in and then lingered in there all day since the time she left? I don’t know.
Cleanliness - the place was clean except for the broken glass. I have no idea how the light fixture broke. Maybe it fell off? Then why wouldn’t she tell me? If it came crashing down and glass went flying, she could have gotten hurt and I think most guests would complain. The fixture itself is intact, just the glass cover is gone with only little pieces strewn about.

Do you know the fixture broke before she left? There have been comments on other threads about glass suddenly breaking. If not, I don’t see how you can mention that, unless you can message the guest first “I found a broken ceiling fixture and scattered glass. Oh my goodness, are you alright? What happened?” and get some sort of acknowledgment. Regarding the smoking, I think all you can do is stick to the facts. “There was a very strong smell of cigarette smoke in the room that required extra airing and cleaning time.” That tells me as a future host that either the guest ignored the rules or her person and clothing reeked, which is enough information for my decision.


Go in and erase all of it if possible and click save (not finish) to give yourself time, if possible.

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Maybe the glass did spontaneously break. it was thick glass so I am lucky it happened the afternoon after she left so she didn’t get hurt. Imagine the liability! You are right, I could have texted her and asked but I was upset about the cigarette smell. But I think I will mention it because that is what I came home to, cigarette smell and broken glass.

Oh what a good idea, thank you!

I’m wondering if the light fixture fell after her departure.

The mystery of the light fixture! If it fell after she left someone came in and cleaned part of the glass.

Ok, breathe. don’t submit anything yet… you have time.

First question is have you confronted the guest about the smoke or glass? If you did and they see you reviewed them expect a retaliatory review if you submit one now.
If the guests have no idea you are mad then submit review now, I would even text them first telling them thanks for staying I will review you later today, I would appreciate if you review me as well. That will put them at ease.
If you tipped them off you smelled the smoke wait until the last minute. Look at the time on the first email Air sent and wait 13 days, 23 hours and 55 minutes before submitting it so they will not have time to review you.

Here is what I would say:

I do not recommend guest, the room smelled strongly of cigarettes and every surface had to be cleaned before the next guest checked in. A light fixture was broken and guest attempted to clean it up however glass was everywhere and guest did not report damage to me.

Then thumbs down



I did not confront the guest. I was at work and I didn’t contact her when she checked out. Met her briefly the 1st morning and got a feeling she wanted minimal contact. She was sitting outside smoking when I was leaving to go to work.
Anyway I submitted the review and that that’s it. Very similar to what you recommended, RiverRock. I mentioned the smell and the broken glass and that I wish the guest had told me about the broken glass. It’s done. I will see what happens - thanks everyone for helping me!

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My bathroom light fixture fell off at 6am this morning - while we were all sleeping. So yes, spontaneous breakage can happen!

Wow,so it’s true! Well this is why I’m here, not just to whine but also to learn!