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Another person not staying

Some of you know that a couple weeks ago I had someone book, then they canceled last minute because of a family emergency, so they never turned up and that was it, my next guest after that checked in a day late. And now my current guest who booked for 5 days, he checked in 2 days ago and he’s not cancelling, but he won’t be staying here for the rest of the time due to him meeting up with his ex girlfriend and hes decided to stay there. haha, he said that he will give me a positive review. He’s a nice enough bloke, but yeah.

Love getting paid for nothing, lets hope this is a recurring theme. :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s an odd set of circumstances and I’d be running to buy a lottery ticket. I also had cancellations recently - two back to back bookings in same listing canceled and it had been more than a year without any cancelations, so I found it super odd. BTW, I DID buy a lotto ticket, and won nothing :frowning:


Yeah it’s funny how things happen all at once. Like things breaking in my house. Lol

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That’s interesting. It seems to be happening more often.

We just got a message that a party booked for the weekend wouldn’t be coming, but they said they knew they didn’t qualify for reimbursement.

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You on strict right?

At the time they booked, I was on moderate. They sent a more detailed message later saying they didn’t feel right asking for a refund.

Oh right. Well thats fair enough. Cancellations do kinda screw us around.

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