Another Lost Reservation Due to Photo ID Upload Issues

This is the 4th or 5th time in the last couple of months that someone has requested to book and Air has put the message “waiting on photo ID,” and the potential guest has written that they’re having issues uploading their ID and taking their selfie to finish their profiles.

If I get rid of the “photo ID required” part of the guest profile verification process, will this get me reservations?

Anyone else seeing this? And it’s always guests with 0 reviews, which are my baseline guests.

From Airbnb help

“Airbnb does not require guests to have profile photos. Although most guests provide a photo, some have told us they don’t want to share a picture of themselves when booking, and we listened.”

In other words if you turn off “photo ID required” your guests will not be required to download a photo. It will make it easier for “new to Airbnb” guests to book.

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Yes likely you would get more bookings but personally I don’t want guests who won’t provide photo ID - some will be more likely not to respect my listings

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The whole verification process on Airbnb is messy. We want guests vetted but I had a reservation saying that it was resolving an ID and the guest profile said ID verified. It never went through losing me a prime week at Christmas.

My issues have been with photo ID in the profile, not profile pics.

Agreed. I don’t want a person who can’t upload their photo ID to finish the verification process. Profile photos mean nothing. Cats, dogs, parrots… kelp (really).

Exactly!!! This is driving me nuts.

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I misunderstood your concern.

I turned off photo ID required after losing several bookings of the over 60 years of age crowd who either couldn’t or wouldn’t download the info. However I am renting a whole home 4 hours from my home. It is not like I’m renting a room in my home with my personal safety at stake. My rental is not full of antiques or posh or expensive. In those situations I would feel differently.

Before anyone yells ageism - I am over 60. I want/need the older snowbird crowd as guests. Many people aren’t comfortable sharing the driver’s license info. They don’t realize just how much private info is already floating around & easily accessible.

I turned it off & it became easier to get bookings.

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Yes, I feel your pain. But some of them aren’t the over 60 crowd (my people!!), and like you, I’m also over 60 (how the f-k did that happen???).

Along with Air glitches as they do “updates,” some folks just don’t know what the camera button looks like.

I also need/want that older demographic as they wander up and down I-75 and the Florida corridors. However, I sometimes think it’s saved me from the random people who ask questions like “Is the pool private?” when they really mean “Stay out of the pool while I’m in it and don’t come out on the lanai in YOUR Home Share.” I know they meant the latter as I asked.

Maybe I’ll try it because I do have IB on with the “host approved” and “positive reviews” boxes ticked.

I’ll try it. Will let you know if my little home share gets crazies. :wink: