Another episode of guests not replying to messages

Early this week I had a couple self check in as I couldn’t meet them in person as I usually do.

I sent them the check in code about an hour before check-in and they never replied to me, no acknowledgement that they received the code, that they checked in ok nothing! In fact I never heard from them at all both during or after their stay even though I did message them. If it wasn’t for the camera I have installed outside, I wouldn’t have known they checked in or out. I was so nervous when I went to clean after they checked out but the apartment was spotless and they followed most of the instructions I sent via messaging.

I’m contemplating writing a note at the end of every message saying something like “Please reply so that I know that you received my message

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Yes, do exactly that! It seems people need to be told these things. Personally I was brought up to believe it was rude to ignore someone.


I stopped worrying about non-replies. If guests don’t have their Airbnb phone app set up to send notifications, they may not realize that they have the messages and may only go into the system when they need info.

They also almost never send me the message I request when they are leaving. (Again, I just check the camera.) I just send my welcome email to make sure everything is ok once I see them arrive on the camera and the Thank you, check out and review system info before they leave.

IF I really need a response from them and they are not responding, I send them a text to their phone number asking them to check their Airbnb account for an important message that needs a reply. I never send anything important that I don’t want documented via text.

Also, guests that are coming from countries outside of your country may not have mobile service and only using wifi when they are in your space (if provided).

Basically, I’ve learned to be a lot more chill about hosting a STR or I would go crazy. :wink:


I am going to be better at checking guests have this. There are rare dinosaurs who do not have a smart phone, otherwise it takes 1 minute to download and it’s unreasonable for guests not to as it’s an online platform. If I can use a smartphone, anyone can.

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It’s not that they don’t have a smartphone, it could be that they don’t have notifications set up, or only have wi fi outside of their country.

I also think that folks just don’t realize why hosts need replies. I would recommend not to sweat the small stuff. This is coming from a person who is very detailed oriented. I had to let go some of my expectations for folks.


It’s a pet hate of mine that I have worked hard at to not let it upset me!
However, I don’t think it’s working (the upset part)… I can send you messages, answer your every question but you don’t think I even deserve the most basic of an acknowledgement?

The only satisfaction I get from being treated as a “machine that generates messages” is to ding them on communication and leave them this type of review:

I didn’t have any communication … , however house rules were observed, they left the villa clean and tidy and are recommended to other hosts.

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Whether they have the app, notifications and whether they are connected to WiFi are amongst details I will check. Then I can set my expectations for mode of communication and avoid any unnecessary disappointment or confusion. I usually text then call later down the line if the apps not happening.
Guests who downright refuse to ‘speak when spoken to’ lol will just be marked down for communication. I cannot have someone under my roof who will not acknowledge things - my property and other people in my home may be put at risk.

Give them the lowest possible score for Communications, and put your message to them also in the Private part of the Review. In the Public part of the review (which is for other hosts, not guests, really) you might say

"Guests left the place clean and neat and were so quiet I hardly knew thy were there. Unfortunately they did not respond to any messages, and I never knew if they received them…


When it is urgent that I hear back from a non-communicating guest, “Please let me know so I stop worrying!” usually gets an answer, sometimes even an apology. Suddenly I sound like their mother.

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I, like @Lynick4442 don’t worry about no replies. As long as they checked in okay, after that if they don’t reply I just assume they’re out having fun!! I used to worry but after getting great reviews from a bunch of non-repliers, I let it go. I do mark them down for communication, however.


She means that they dont have their phone set up to receive notifications from the app, not that they dont have the app installed.

We cant demand that the guests receive notificafions from the app, though a suggestion isnt out of order.

As to the OP and the subject of communication in general: What a happy circumstance if all is well that ends well! It makes us nervous when guests dont respond but by rights, they arent obligated to. Unless its an unusual circumstantial event that requires a reply, we have to get used to the odd guest who is just looking for a nice holiday with no expectation of them…like responding formally to their lowly innkeeper. :slight_smile:


all went well, give 4 for comms.
And bare in mind this is how a lot of guests can be! You gave them instructions, they followed them. It didn’t go to badly at all!


And if you are 4000 kms from home with no data, the last thing you are concerned with doing when you squeeze in wi-fi time is drafting a polite response to your airbnb host. If you have gleaned all the info you need for your stay and your response isnt really necessary other than to satisfy your hosts need for acknowledgment, then I would forgive that oversight.


I don’t worry about it either. In fact, when I thin about it I’m pretty sure that when I’ve stayed in Airbnb places I’ve answered questions if they are essential ones but never left a ‘hi we’re here’ message or a ‘bye, we’ve just checked out’. It seems that some hosts would have expected that.

Poor guests though - there are posts here too about guests who pester hosts with too many messages. It seems that they can’t win :slight_smile:


Yes, I suppose what we would like best is to get one or two messages (depending on the length of stay) saying how wonderful and perfect the place is, what a fabulous time they’re having, what wonderful hosts we are, and that they don’t need a thing or have any questions.


No, we can’t make anyone do anything, but we can ding them on communication.

Entitled BS. They are a guest in my home. No response to a safety, security or comfort issue which affects others (I’m not going to be discussing the weather on the app) then yet more serious dings for them.

This applies to practically noone. It’s very rare for data not to be on a package.


We request that guests give us a quick call when they are about 30 minutes away. We have a lot of international guests and most of them fly over for 3 to 6 weeks.

I am constantly surprised by the number of guests who have to stop at McDonalds at a neighbouring town to send a message. They have no data and switch off their calls and sms likely because of the roaming charges.

When I see international numbers on the booking, I advise them that a sim card is $2 and capped data + local + international calls for a month is about $30 and that you need an unlocked phone - about $40 for one that will do the job if theirs is locked. I am still surprised how many guests won’t spend $75 for a month of communication. That is $2.50 per day for a month of convenience. Go figure.

The UK seems to have some of the best phone plans on the planet with some guests mentioning exemptions from roaming fees. I always mention to the UK guests to check out what their plan allows.

There are far more guests around with no data and no call or sms capacity than you might believe! Lisa

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In the UK and Europe I think roaming charges have been abolished. I agree best to get a local phone. Many of my guests do so on the first day.

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As I said…If its something pressing or an immediate safety issue they need to be aware of, then yes. If its to respond to an auto check in message, then a waste of time fussing about it. And sonething tells me they arent wounded or affected by the poor mark on their record.