Another day, another glitch

I’m not in the habit of viewing my listing very often as a guest, or checking to see how the calendar appears to guests unless I suddenly had no bookings. But I’ve never had any calendar glitches before.

Last night I got a cancellation for a guest who was supposed to check in tomorrow, on the 23rd, check out on the 26th, and I have another booking on the 28th. Before the first booking was cancelled, the night of the 26th and 27th were showing as unavailable, as it should be, since I have a 3 night minimum and 1 night prep time.

But when the cancelled dates opened back up, the 27th now shows as available, when it shouldn’t- it should be prep-time blocked as the night before my booking on the 28th.

On my hosting calendar it shows as blocked for prep time, but on the listing’s calendar, it shows as available.

I guess I should start checking on a regular basis whether dates I have blocked actually appear as blocked to guests.

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I just checked ahead on my calendar, and see that future booked dates also do not show the prep day blocked on the listing calendar, even though they are shown as blocked on my hosting calendar.

If anyone else here uses a prep night block, you might want to check if they are showing as blocked on your listing calendar. I don’t know if this is a system-wide glitch, or just on my account.


So after 4 CS reps, the first two who just said they were looking forward to helping me, and then disappeared, the 3rd who completely misunderstood my actual issue and sent me an explanation of how to set prep days and a link to the Help article about prep days (dude, I’ve been hosting since 2016, I know how prep days work), then, without waiting for any response from me, patted himself on the back (“I’m glad I was able to resolve your issue. Rest assured we are always here to help”) and then closed the ticket, I finally got a rep who, while it took 3 back and forths to get him to understand what I was talking about, told me that that’s how the calendar works now- that if we have days which show as blocked on our hosting calendars for prep day, they don’t show as blocked on the listing calendar.

Say what?
No, it’s not an issue he says, because a guest can check out the morning of the blocked prep night.
But, I say, if that date appears as available, a guest can book that night.
No, he says, if a guest tries to book that night, they get a pop-up saying that date is only available as a check-out day.

This is the weirdest thing- so dates we have blocked appear as available on the listing calendar, and guests only find out it isn’t available if they try to book it?

He assured me that even though my prep day appeared as available, no one would be able to book that night. I screenshot that “assurance” for when I may have to call them when a guest books a blocked night.


We had it happen the other week. I don’t like doing same-day turn-over. It worked out okay as the guest left early 7-30 am and the cleaner was able to go in and clean The next guests also arrived early but had to give us a couple of hours to clean, They got to checkin earlier than our check-in time 3 pm All worked out well in the end. My husband checks every day, as this is our peak time and we have almost back-to-back bookings.

So you are saying the prep night was allowed to be booked? That’s what I was afraid of- I think the CS rep was wrong. I kept telling him that the days that appear blocked on my hosting calendar should also appear as blocked on the listing calendar, that it was a tech glitch, and he kept insisting that it wasn’t.

I think I am going to try calling and see if I get a rep who can understand this.

The thing is, I can’t even block them manually, because they already appear as blocked on my hosting calendar.

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A guest was allowed to book for some reason that day was open; it was the first time it happened this year; we were lucky, maybe not so lucky next time.

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