Another Bad Guest Story - Wetting the Bed!

Hi everyone,
Well, it’s time to share one of our many stories!

Recently, we hosted a young professional from Sydney who came to stay with us for 9 days here in Melbourne for an upskilling course at the Airport.

Well, he soon worked out that Melbourne has a very active night life.
After a couple of days, he would generally arrive back in the early hours of the morning - between 3am - 6am - DRUNK.

Sure, he would wake us up as he stumbled up the stairs, but the small interruption was not an issue for us.

And yes, he would head off to his training every morning with a hang-over and repeat that the following day.
Oh, to be young again! LOL

Anyway, on the morning he checked out, I was at work. He sent a message apologising for the state of the room and that he would happily pay for the bill.
Needless to say, that made me a little anxious during my work day awaiting my arrival back home.

When I arrived home and raced in to check the room - it all looked fine. In fact, he’d even stripped the bed. Ok, so things were messy, by that’s what I expect when a guest leaves.
I felt relieved and sent him a message saying everything looked fine to me, so not to worry.

It wasn’t until the next day when I went in again to clean the room that the distinct aroma of URINE permeated my nostrils!!! YEP, in his drunken state, he had urinated in the bed.

I quickly messaged him a new message saying that I thought I had found the little mishap he was referring to.
I quickly organised an emergency mattress cleaning service and the guest immediately transferred the funds to my account.

Clearly, he was embarrassed - and so he should be! But he was proactive in doing the right thing.
I did write him a glowing review - and he did the same for me.

Would I have him stay again?
YES, because there’s one thing I’ve learnt on AirBNB - “It’s better the devil you know”.
I never know who is going to walk through my door - and baby, there have been some real tough ones!
I reckon if he did come again, there’s no way he would wee-wee in the bed a second time!


Yes! You settled up with the guest so it would have been a double cross to leave a bad review. Glad it worked out for both of you.

I am curious - what would you have done if you’d had a back-to-back reservation??

Hi Tumo,
That’s a damned good question!
I would have had to put the mattress from my own bed on the guest bed and I would have slept on the sofa.

Luckily, there was no subsequent booking (this is another topic because AirBNB is the quietest it has ever been!!!).

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I hope you’ve bought a waterproof/bedbug proof mattress cover now.


I have an encasement on both my mattress and box spring because I am terrified of something like this, or the dreaded bedbug.

What I was not anticipating, however, was the guest who knocked three holes in three walls with three paint colors last Saturday night. She too was drunk. She also broke candlesticks that I’ve had for 30 years, hid them, and ruined bed linens and sofa covers. She was special.

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You bet I did!
I thought that the mattress protectors I had were good, but I guess they were’t enough to hold a full bladder of urine from a grown man!!!

I went out and bought 4 “Waterproof Mattress Protectors”.
Best $200 investment ever!


I prefer complete encasements but to each their own.

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I’m not familiar with the term “Complete Encasement”, but I’m pretty sure these are. The term I’m familiar with is “Fitted”. There protectors wrap around the sides of the mattress and are elasticised so that “hug” the mattress really firmly.

Encasement is similar to a pillow protector. It completely surrounds the mattress and he usually has a zipper closure.

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For some reason that term reminds me of containment of nuclear waste!

Now, Karma, please recommend a decently priced mattress protector that will fit the Nest. If anyone else has one to recommend, please chime in!

LOL! Me too!

Well, I’ve never heard of a full encasement for mattresses!
That’s pretty cool.

I’ve done a search here in Melbourne and found this:

So the subject is wrong, this is actually a “good guest”, that had a bad day.
He took responsibility and the matter was solved.

I would host this kind of guest anytime, I had a lot worse.

I had a guests vomiting and not telling us, just open the window and move into another bedroom for the rest of his stay (5 more days)

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I can hardly fathom that!!!
I’d love to read that review!!!

That looks good, but I have a deep mattress plus a memory foam topper. Need the depth to be at least 18". Anyone have a suggestion for a full encasement with extra depth?

My go to for recommendations is Amazon. Even if you don’t buy it there you can read reviews and post questions and usually get answers within a day.

Would airbnb by any chance pay to replace a mattress if urine smell/stain won’t come out? This happened last night with an older guest.

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Yes, @EllenN had success with this!

I received the funds to purchase a new mattress. My guest didn’t dispute my resolution request so I didn’t have to jump through the hoops that others complain of.