Another AI question

Is anyone else experiencing issues with number of bedrooms? I have a 330 sf studio with a queen size bed. At no point has this newer listing ever had more than one bed. I have gotten 2 inquiries today asking why there are no photos of the second bed/bedroom. Checked my listing editor and it showed it correctly. Switched to travel mode and my little tiny studio says 2 bedrooms with 2 queen beds. I have not tried to contact CS yet, I thought I would check here and see if anyone else had faced this issue and if you had a workaround.

I am assuming this is yet another AI issue. Yesterday I found that they had my outdoor 4 person hot tub listed as “in the bedroom,” had removed my AC amenity and listed me as pet friendly, which I am not.

Having just reopened after being closed since October, navigating this new model is driving me nuts. I don’t find the new photo tour helpful or user friendly and from browsing the threads here it looks like I am not alone. I feel like a dinosaur. Lol.

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Getting very tired of them fixing what isn’t broken and not fixing what is broken……would love to be a fly on the wall when these issues are discussed at headquarters and wonder if it starts with…….
How can we make life difficult for hosts this quarter!


I saw some posts on the Airbnb Community forum from other hosts reporting the same things, so you are not the only one experiencing this.


In January 2023 we had an extra bed suddenly appear in the loungeroom/kitchenette. I posted here titled Message to host when booking, I don’t know how to provide a link to it. It does happen, it’s happened to others. I was so lucky with the guest and how it all turned out. For me it was simply a matter of removing the bed but your situation might be tricky.

I have also had blocked nights booked and when I rang airbnb they didnt even ask questions, just said righto as if it happens all the time. They sorted it out with no crosses against us.

A 4 person hot tub in a bedroom…um…different :upside_down_face:

As for the updated app, it still takes me ages to find anything from the last update so I’m avoiding the latest one. Quite annoying and frustrating when your time is wasted.