Annoying! Air took down the photo of my nice TV

I guess their stupid AI thought I was trying to hide off-platform contact info in the photo. It shows the TV turned on, with the menu listing all the options like Netflix, etc.

I suppose I can try posting a photo with the TV turned off, but it doesn’t look as nice and colorful, and there is a glare problem.

Would anything bad happen if I tried posting the photo again?

Just oh NO!!! I’m sorry that happened to you. Thank you for posting. I imagine many of us have the same type of picture. I don’t think anything bad would happen if you reposted. You aren’t breaking any rules.

My listing displays a photograph of the TV with the red Netflix logo that displays while it is loading. I’m going to check my listing now to see if that pic is still there.

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Well, I just replaced it with this photo I took of a Nat Geo video about my favorite bird.


Amazing they manage to do that but can’t remove the crappy hosts from the platform.


Or crappy guests.

AI to the rescue, but only to protect Airbnb from a off-platform booking. Via Netflix. :rofl:


Waiting for the guest who wants to know where the owl is