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Animal Fearing Guests


Yes these dogs all LOOK cute, but obviously they are of the same disposition as the attack bunny in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.


Send them my way, my pup is 168lbs,

I do mention Dog on the premises even though he is technically an Emotional Support Animal and according to ABB policy does not count as such.

I include a picture of him in my listing, people seem more inclined to look at pictures than read text.

Somebody did mention recently when they came in that he was much bigger than they expected. He still got his belly rubbed.


OMG, I should have contact him when I needed a response to you know who this summer. Pitch perfect.


While I have not been renting my unit for a long time, I can honestly say that reading is not a forte of potential guests. To draw attention to my Airbnb posting, I often advertise on Kijiji (Canada’s Craigslist). In my ad I specifically state how much I charge for the room, when they can check in and out, and how long the stay is for, yet I invariably get questions for midweek check-ins, short stays, and (of course) how much is it for … Each time this happens it reminds me of when I was working as an inventory taker and was in the midst of an inventory of a store that was closed to customers with huge signs in the glass door saying Closed for inventory and people park, walk up to the door, and start shaking it trying to get in. People don’t read what is important and perhaps there should be an Airbnb feature called “Read this before booking!” Where hosts can write their most vital pieces of information that potential clients must read and acknowledge before they can book. This may help reduce frustration for both hosts and clientele. I just don’t know how to get Airbnb to implement such a feature. Any suggestions?


@harry50hn -
Those things the guests must read and acknowledge they read? That’s the house rules.

I’ll bet you’ve clicked that you accept terms and conditions numerous times when you haven’t (like the last time you updated software or created an account with an on-line vendor). It’s just many people’s nature to not worry about the small stuff.

The difference, to me, is whether you take responsibility for not reading it or not. If I make a mistake and book a place with house rules I don’t like, I don’t whine about that in the review - it is MY fault for not reading, not the host’s fault for having the stairs. (Edited - I meant to say “ it’s not the hosts fault for having the house rules”. I was asleep when I wrote “the stairs”!)

Maybe I’m just old-fashioned in thinking that people should take responsibility for themselves…


Ha ha! Thanks for the vote of confidence. Maybe I found my true calling, and I have a potential business opportunity on my hands.

Hey…Coconutz…wanna partner up? :slight_smile:


For sure!!! People have created a whole cottage industry around Airbnb! Review writing and responses could be a true niche! Now we just need a tech person, like @smartbnb.io to set it up for us! :rofl::rofl:


Do any of you remember that in school we had preparation for exams?
One of the most important things we were told was 'Don’t pick up your pen until you have READ all the paper to the end!'
I wish more guests would do that. I have cats and had a booking from a young man who was allergic to them. He didn’t read my web site properly either! Now in addition to the wording, I’m putting a photo with it!


My first thought: “Who wants guests that don’t like dogs!?” We also make it very clear we have a dog on the property and welcome guests with dogs. Have never had one issue about it - in fact, it’s often the icebreaker when we meet someone new. I hope their review doesn’t reflect their phobia. In my opinion, this is the one big flaw with Airbnb: The guest have nothing to lose by giving you a bad review, and there are those that would never give 5 stars - no matter how perfect your place might be. My husband says I need a thicker skin.
Your dog is adorable and I hope her feelings aren’t hurt. Cheryl, Anacortes, WA


All these cute dog and cat photos!!! I LOVE it when the place I’m staying has a resident cat or dog; it’s always a highlight of my travels. I’m always missing my own cat and dog so much. I would be so happy if the cat wanted to sleep in our room. It just makes it feel more like a home. I’ve even volunteered to scoop a litter box while traveling (I know, I’m weird).

Our air unit is in our rental property next door to ours, but we use that yard because our own building doesn’t have a yard. I’ve had guests come running down to meet my ancient dog when they see her wandering around the yard. Any guest that loves on my dog gets 5 stars!!


You would think that if you were deathly terrified of something it would be the first thing you would check in a listing. People are so weird!

The question that drives me mad is “is there anything to do in your area?” I have a very comprehensive guidebook on our airbnb listing, and a whole page of ‘local attractions’ on our website. READ THE BLOODY THINGS PEOPLE! :grin:


Same! I’ve had people want a guest dog or one of my dogs to sleep with them in the guest room but sadly I can’t allow it because I’d have to do the usual pet clean without getting paid. But I do allow guests in my part of the house to get some dog love. So if you come through El Paso you are welcome here. Just be warned: I only guarantee the sheets and top layer have been washed right before you arrive. There might be a sandwiched layer of blankets that only get washed once a week.


Don’t Chinese have this horrible festival where they tortured and then eat dogs? As far as I am concerned they can be terrified of your dog as much as they want😂


Oh I know! And, ‘how far are you from the airport?’ ‘Is there public transportation nearby?’ ‘Where do we rent a car?’ And, many, many others that are addressed in my listing…and even if they weren’t they could easily be researched on Google. It’s what you call lazy travelers.


i got the same reaction re my children once, its mentioned about 10 times that we are a family home with young children. one guest mentioned they woke her up in the morning, it was a Saturday and about 11.00 am. if she wanted peace and quiet she should have spent the money on a hotel or an apartment.
had another guest complain about the noise of birds in the sky, some people are just idiots


We have roosters and hens on our rural/urban property. This is disclosed 3 times in our listing along with pictures. We also say twice…the roosters crow early and loudly every morning. Had one guest complain to Airbnb about “undisclosed noise” roosters crowed every morning and disturbed her. REALLY?


Wow!! That is just crazy!!!


@cassid Oooh, we had a review that said that! Along with ‘roads were too hilly for cycling’. All the rural lanes around here are lousy with lycra-clad cyclists, especially on a Sunday morning, and the Tour de France (Le Grand Depart) came this way too. Bonkers!


Unfortunately lots of people around the world have inhumane ways of killing and torturing animals. In the UK we have fox hunting, dog fights and badger baiting,

In Eastern Europe, Turkey, Pakistan, India and the US, we torture and keep bears in inhumane conditions (for tourism) and we hunt them.

In Africa and other places we hunt and kill rare wildlife for ‘sport’.

Around the world animals such as elephants, tigers, donkeys, monkeys and dolphins and turtles are used to make money from tourism. https://www.worldanimalprotection.org.uk/


It’s a lot already done in Africa to prevent animals from being hunted . Much stricter laws than few years ago . I spend half a year there and impressed of people’s attitude toward wild animals . Hopefully it will go this way and will keep on improving.

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