And then the whole family arrives

Its happening quite often of late. Guest are arriving and meeting friends or family before they turn up at my place. Upon their arrival a whole group turns up. For example I have two guests in my apartment as I write. they have arrived with their brother, sister baby niece etc a total of 6 people. They are all sitting in my guest room munching the welcome pack intended for the two original guests.

Im interested to learn, how other hosts accommodate this, my guests are in their 60’s I dont want to be rude but its quite unesccessary for the entire troup to be here. Would you have politely asked all but your guests to remain at the front door. especially as the extras were not helping with cases, just curious and needing the bathroom

Stephen - this is something you will need to nip in the bud before arrival. Can you share more info? What kind of apartment is this? Very large? How many bedrooms do you rent out? Do your guests share the bathroom with other guests, etc.?

And are most guests coming to your area solely to visit friends/family?


How annoying!!! They are treating your home like a hotel lobby. Make sure it’s in your listing, and in your first communication with them “unfortunately, because of (neighbors, you work from home, size of home, wahtever)” only registered guests are permitted on the property. My apartment can not accommodate your family or guests"

And again, include that in your welcome letter as well.

Shyeash!! That would make me nuts!


Thanks caninhost, you are right I should be more forthright it is written in the guest rules section of my listing. The apartment is quite spacious 3 double beds 2 baths, 1 ensuite 150 Sq meters. It was funny as well one of the elderly ladies, not a guest complained oh I can’t do stairs!!. as she lead a 4 year old into the room (I thought but didn’t say out loud why the (you know what) are you making the journey then ?

The bathroom that was used by a none staying individual is used by others who were not present at the time.

Should I mention this to the guests when they return? is anything to be gained now the deed is done and Ive learnt my lesson, this was the first time a group arrived,On earlier ocasions its been 1 friend.

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Thanks dcmooney

I am pleased my feelings are not unique. Learning your view and that of cabinhost has helped greatly

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I am still not clear on the set up. How many rooms do you rent to different guests? Which room do you live in?

I’m sure you did want to say something to the non-climbing stair lady…lol

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Cabinhost its a 3 bed flat. top floor of a mansion block in west london I rent 2 rooms via airbnb, 1 rroom has an ensuit I currently share the bathroom with the guests that have recently arrived

My rule, amongst others, are that there are to be No Outside Visitors to my home. No gatherings, no party, nothing social with others without my prior approval.

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cabinhonst this is it:

murphysranch: thank you yes you are right It was a moment of weakness I should have been more assertive. Won’t happen again

Wow! I love your pics and descriptions. I felt the need to go there someday!
Wait - I lived in London from 3 yrs to 6 yrs old. Daddy was stationed at Ruislip AFB, many decades ago.

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I agree with DC’s wording “only registered guests are permitted on the property. My apartment can not accommodate your family or guests”

What a nice place! I see you use instant book, so I would suggest you include the message DC suggested. Somewhere in your settings you can include a final message that guest will see before they book your place. Half the travelers don’t bother to read the house rules, so I would put it in the final message.

Of course I would still add it to the house rules section. But don’t rely on solely putting your message there and expecting guests will have read it.

With current guests - only you can feel out the situation to determine if it is necessary to say anything. Do you think the whole family will keep stopping by and wanting to cook together?

But you could nicely mention to this couple that you don’t allow visitors of guests because other guests in the home also share the common areas. I mean if the other guests want to lounge in the lobby area or cook…here are four random people hanging out…lol.

Can’t believe they were helping themselves to snacks…lol!

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Thank you, it’s makes me feel better you think my place is ok. Im a relative newby to bnb.


Thank you once again, this is a great idea Ill include the message and see what the future holds. The current guys appear to be a close latin Spanish I hope the stairs have disuaded further visits kkk :slight_smile:

Stephen, cheers! I love London.

You can stop this by making sure that wording is in your listing copy and in your house rules, as it is a big one. I state it like this:

–ONLY your registered and approved party allowed in the apartment or on the property.

As someone new, you cannot let the inmates run the asylum. Stop it by making sure you’ve disclosed it in a firm way. You can even state it when you greet the guests. If it’s not in your house rules, put it in now.

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Thank you, I will reaffirm this and Ive decided to mention this poitely to the current guests upon their return. thanks again


Yes, and I know you are English and have good manners, but don’t hesitate to be firm with guests. If you don’t give them boundaries, they will think there are none and run amok. :smiley:

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Nice place! You could make one change to ‘communal living are for registered guests only - sorry, no gatherings of other family and friends can be accomodated’.

But now I’m even more appalled - you don’t even advertise said communal living area. I thought perhaps your photos and captions could give the feeling of ‘hey, everyone! Come hang out’! but it surely does not.

I would never rent a private room and then invite people to come visit me - without asking the host first.

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@Stephen - I love your place! If ever I find myself in London again, I’ll be heading straight to your listing :slight_smile:

We state in our listing that guests are permitted to have two visitors if they wish but only during daylight hours. That’s because many people come here for a wedding or to visit friends/relatives and like to show them the place they are staying.

I have to smile at that :wink:


Let me echo the others in saying your flat is lovely and I wish I were going to London soon. Best of luck keeping the peepers out of your space. I can see why your guest want to show it off to their family, just put your foot down as Kona says.