And superhost tag is not coming across in searches either

so not only is the enhanced cleaning note not coming across on my 3 new listings, but the superhost tag isn’t either. Let me clarify. When you go to each individual listing, it says, yay, this is a super host and my badge is clearly there on my little face. BUT…when you search for my town, my new listings pop up without the super host badge. And if you filter for superhosts, I disappear. I think I read somewhere that airbnb sometimes takes a week to catch up with itself. Is that true? Anyone have this problem?

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How can you have Superhost status if they are 3 new listings? Does Superhost status go with the host from listing to listing?

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Yes, it attaches to the host, not the place.

That would be an interesting designation… SuperHouse. SuperRoom. SuperSuite. “This place is great but the host stinks.” LOL.


I guess I was confusing it w/ stars :woozy_face: My neighbor had 2 listings, got slammed on one & immediately took that one down. Boom, she was only showing a 5 star listing… Play it however you can! Thx for straightening me out.

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I’ve seen listings that were lower than 4.8 or less than 10 reviews but the host was tagged as a superhost.

Update! I contacted Airbnb and got a live rep and they said the missing super host flag on the search thumbnail photos was a “known bug”. They opened a report. Said it should be fixed within 24-48 hours. Fingers crossed. I’ll deal with the enhanced clean pledge next once this is fixed.


The folks answering the phones are totally clueless, hired solely because worker at foreign call centers cost less.