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An Uber-like app for hosts to request plumbers ,electricians and contractors

Hi everyone!

Take a look at new app for requesting tradesmen: plumbers, electricians, handymen, contractors with just a few clicks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7Gm81q4j3g

Would this app be useful for you? What problems do you have with maintenance? With contractors? Let’s discuss! We want to hear from you to make the product tailored especially for Airbnb hosts! Any feedback is appreciated! Help us make a great product for you.

You can subscribe here http://beta.ded.al and be the first to know when we launch.

Cool. A friend of mine had the same idea but he never did anything with it!

Hi Helen, would you use such an app by yourself? Any tips for us? Where are you from? Would love hear from you.

I would use an app like that. I don’t like contacting tradesmen. They never reply to emails. And I hate calling them.

Theres an app seeking investment here in the UK with something similar called Frunbu. I haven’t invested but when I saw this topic it come to mind so I thought I would share. :slight_smile:

Angie’s List has something like that, though not really an app. It’s one of those things that sound like a good idea, but in reality, the trades people on there are still flakey and don’t respond. Or, they come and do the estimate, you say OK, great, then they disappear.

If the app had some sort of guaranteed response or Instant Book feature, that would be good.

Amazon does have feature like this, but it’s only available in certain areas.

I find booking handymen really frustrating. We have so many things we need done around the house, and the money is budgeted. We can simply never get anyone to actually come and do the work!!!

Garden1Gnome, thanks for sharing! Using Dedal when you hit Request button your order goes to the closest specialist available right now and arrival time is usually less than 30 min. It is very similar to how Uber or Gett work. And then a pro does the estimate right in the place and you’ll receive it in your app immediately. You hit Sign button and you’re done!
Recently we launched in a city with population ~1,5mln and we don’t have such problems you are talking about. What’s your city? You may also want to subscribe to our news on the website.

Hi Paul,

Thanks for sharing! I took a look at this app, but it’s right opposite to what we’ve made. I’m not sure when we’ll launch in Southampton, but you may also want to subscribe to our news at the website beta.ded.al. BTW, if you know a great bizdev/product manager in your local area, drop me a line at bloodcarter@gmail.com.

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