An idea for all those partial rolls of toilet paper

I thought I would share our idea for all the partial rolls of toilet paper that guests leave behind. You know, the less-than-half-a rolls that would be inconvenient to leave for the next guests and also wasteful to throw out.

We purchased for our guest bathroom a sleek double toilet paper roll holder,. We put a full roll on it and one of the low/partial rolls. Ta da! Simple and works for us.


You are sooo smart. We just leave the partial roll and put a new one in the bathroom. Although I must confess if it’s really small, I change it to a new full roll and blow my nose lol.


I bring the partial role in the house and use that up the guest always gets high quality toilet paper and a brand-new roll they also have six extra rolls under the cabinet along with three extra Kleenex boxes. I’ve never had anybody try to steal any of them. It also makes it easier when I’m cleaning the room if I’m in a hurry I can just grab a roll of toilet paper from under the cabinet instead of running in the house to get another one . I do the same with stocking the kitchen I have one drawer in the kitchen with extra plastic spoons, sugar packets etc. It helps me to restock the kitchen quickly

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I always just bring the partial rolls home and use them myself. Nothing wasted here.


I bring the partial rolls home and use them when I clean out the cat litter boxes. This way they don’t go to waste and it saves me money on the paper towels that I normally use to clean the litter boxes.