An exclusive offer to North American hosts


Our organization is test driving a new product that we’d like your input on.

It is available for iPhones currently. You can find us on the Apple App Store listed under dubdub.

It is a mobile application that lets you easily create :90 videos of your property, your neighbourhood and all the great stuff that would make Guests love to stay with you. You can also share these videos simple and easily on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to drive more awareness about your property.

Pretty sweet eh?

If you’re a host based in North America, we’d love to chat. We’re actually doing some research and need 150 hosts to help us. We have an incentive to thank you for your time.


Send a note to and we’ll give you more details about our research project.

Chat soon.


A little intrigued. However, Android only here.

We are working on android for our app! If only we had 50 more developers!

Feel free to send me a note if you think you might be able to help us spread the word.

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Hey Dora,

Looks like a unique website. Do you host using Airbnb?