An Airbnb is not a Hotel

Do you believe something like this would happen in a hotel? I don’t think so.

Guests staying in big hotels steal silver spoons, or dressing gowns, but I don’t think they would write a note like this one, left behind by an Airbnb guest.


that is so sweet!


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Oooh, Depak can stay with me anytime!

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Nice guest!

I have been renting my house for a bit over a year now. One of my first set of guests checked out and when I came into the house to check things out, I found $20 on the table and figured perhaps the guests left me a tip!

Then I went upstairs to gather the towels and found that one looked like someone had spilled red punch all over it. It wasn’t until the afternoon that the guest messaged me that she had just dyed her hair burgundy and it came off on the towel when she washed her hair and to let her know if the $20 covered the cost to replace the towel. :slight_smile:


Love it!!! 2020202020

I’m happy to say that I’ve had that a few times. (Happy about the note, not the damage!) Guests have also left money to cover breakages. One left $20 for a broken wine glass that probably cost just a fraction of that. :slight_smile:

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One left me a $100 tip and treated me for lunch when they came back the second time around.

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