Amsterdam host and host service both get fined almost €300k

An Amsterdam host has received a fine of almost €150k for renting 11 listings more than 60 days, and more than 4 guests.

A host service that provides cleaning, key exchange and other service gets the same fine for knowingly helping the host breaking the 60 day and 4 guest limit.


Ouch!! Thanks for posting this I will keep an eye out for English reports on this story.

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Here is an English translation provided by Google:

Record Penalty for hire on Airbnb
Violation of the rules can result Airbnb 297,000 euro fine
Airbnb violation of the rules can produce 297,000 euro fine © Reuters

The municipality has imposed a record fine totaling 297,000 euros to a property owner and key business lam B & B who rent together eleven apartments on Airbnb.

The apartments in the Kerkstraat rental is not according to the rules, says the municipality. The property came into the picture after reports from local residents, who suspected housing fraud. Digital forensics at the Stopera then made clear that the house very often on Airbnb.

According to the Amsterdam rules , only the head tenant rent the property for a maximum of sixty days per year and no more than four people at a time.

Illegal hotel
"This is the prototype of an illegal hotel," said Councillor Laurens Ivens (Housing). The owner must pay 13,500 euros eleven times. The same applies to key business lam B & B, which the owner will receive from the rental of the rooms, guests and handing over the key.

Yet such a high penalty imposed earlier in Amsterdam

When added together the fines come from nearly three tons. Yet such a high penalty Amsterdam explained earlier.

Ivens speaks of an important signal for the key companies who perform odd jobs for landlords.

“In practice, they regularly collaborate with illegal hotels. If they know that the houses often stand in the lease, or that there is more than four tourists in it, they are also responsible.”

Not fireproof
Eleven illegal hotels are not close. To close, the fire should note that the property is not fireproof and that was in the Kerkstraat not. Ivens would like to proceed directly to closing, but must first impose a fine. By repeating things will be closed.

Owner Dirk Minnebo of lam B & B is convinced that the lease is legal and will contest the fine. He wants to not respond because the procedure is still ongoing.

According to Ivens Airbnb will soon pick himself this kind of illegal content on the site as a result of the new agreement with the company.

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