Amenity/Hospitality boxes for Airbnb

Recently, I stumbled upon a new website/startup that makes individually packaged amenity boxes for Airbnb hosts to give to guests. They’re called Dream Box and their website is Finding cheap and small hotel items is kind of annoying to do for every new guest that I host, so I decided to give it a try and picked up a free box. I was pleasantly surprised to find an individually packaged box with everything I needed for my guests. Even better, there was a little card inside the box, welcoming my guests to my local city. You guys should try it out too!

This is interesting! Thanks for sharing. We started a company that does this and a little more a few months ago, called Happy Guest Club.

Using the same premise of delivering individually packaged amenity boxes for Airbnb hosts to give to guests, our packages also include gourmet snacks and sometimes local delicacies the area is known for.

Curious, since you’ve gotten a free box from them, is there something you specifically liked about it? Maybe the convenience, price (assuming you paid full price), shipping time, etc.? Anything you wish it did differently? And finally, would you be interested in providing a higher end box with gourmet goodies for your guests?

Thanks for your answers!

$35 for a box? Ha! Dream Box sells its boxes for $3 per box, and it comes with everything I need.

I can only assume from your rude and curt response that you work for Dream Box and are masquerading as a legitimate customer. Happy Guest Club is for Airbnb hosts who are looking for more than a tube of travel toothpaste.

For anyone interested in trying out a higher quality service, just email us at Mention this forum and we’ll send you a free trial box for your guests!

Why would you say that? It’s just math. If I’m renting out a room in my house for $70 per night, then for a guest who stays 4 nights, I make $280…and that’s just pure gross revenue. If you subtract cleaning fees, toilet paper, laundry detergent, cable TV, and other amenities, my profits are looking even slimmer. So you’re telling me now, that I should be spending an extra $35 on a box full of random amenities and to what end? Am I running a hotel? Maybe you should do some of your own calculations before you accuse me of false marketing and employee masquerading.