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Amazon Echo for Airbnb?


That looks great. Thank you. Will definitely check it out. We have a simple house guide already so copying and pasting it into an Alexa “skill” if someone has already written the app code should be manageable.


That’s exactly what I was envisioning! Thank you!


For everyone wanting to create a custom FAQ for your property, Amazon just handed us the answer.

Alexa Skill Blueprints. Just fill in the blanks (question + answer) and publish the new skill.

Have fun!


My husband was given a fee echo and Alexa through his work. We ended up selling them. Why? Because we got fed up with it not really understanding our accent.


Whether or not Airbnb will take it this far, we will have to see - although perhaps it is more just a matter of when. Amazon may want to help ensure this program happens sooner than later, however (even if it comes at a cost, like free Alexa products for hosts), because it certainly will help them sell a lot of extra units globally and get more new user trials for Alexa.


Hi. I just joined the forum and was browsing the threads and came across this one. I’ve been involved in the smart home industry for several years and also have an AirBnB rental. When Alexa came out I immediately connected it to my smart home system. Besides the obvious uses like music and weather I saw in the log files that they used the system quite a bit to control lights, thermostat, etc. In my quest to remove as many instructions sheets pinned to the board and three-ring binders, I went looking for some kind of Q&A service. As was mentioned earlier, Blueprints sort of does what I wanted, but I stumbled on a Virtual Concierge Service that allows for much deeper Q&A. So far I’ve been happy with it and the guests seem to like it as well.


@phagerman We don’t permit use of the forum to promote outside services and links. In other words we don’t want you piggybacking onto this privately owned forum. You might like to contact the forum owner @tom2 about advertising your services. (I’m not saying you’ve violated any forum guideline with the vague nature of your post, I’m just giving a heads up)

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