Amazon Business and Business Prime

Has anyone explored Amazon Business and Business Prime for purchases related to your STR?

Supposedly there are “wholesale prices on many items” and “business-only selection and quantity discounts.”

With Business Prime, you get:

  • Free one-day shipping
  • 5% cash back or 90-day terms if you use the Business Prime Amex Card

They have sent me several invites but I already get one day delivery with prime and I also get cash back when I use my Amazon credit card so for me it’s not worth it. I’m assuming that to get wholesale prices I would need to buy in bulk.

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My work has a Business prime account that I use to order supplies for work. The shipping and cash back doesnt seem to be any different than what I get for my personal account with an Amazon Visa card.
To be honest, it seems that a “single item” price tends to be a bit HIGHER than my personal account. The savings only happens if you order in bulk.

That’s my experience using both a personal and a business prime account. Your results may vary.


We use Amazon Business. Many items have a small discount on them compared to a personal account.
For us, the benefit is in keeping the business purchases separated from the personal so we use the right payment methods.


I am just starting out with our Airnb. These are some great ideas!

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