Amazingly good spoof email - beware

Hello, fellow hosts! I just got this today and was amazed at how legit it looked. Color is right, font is right, even went thru my spam filter. Not a single “kindly” or missed word in sight. The jerks are learning!

I would have thought the main clue is that it is a spam email is that it is from an obviously fake email address which is nothing to do with Airbnb.

What were they trying to get you to do @LCL to part with your money?

That was my clue too @Helsi but others new to this might not be as wary. I’m not clicking on the button to find out. I’m helpful, not naive.


Sophisticated Phishing attempt. What they try to get you to do is click the link(s) in the email. Presumably that link goes to a spoofed web site that looks just like AirBnB. You enter your AirBnB username and password, giving it to them. Now they can get anything in your AirBnB profile and change the payout account from yours to theirs, stealing whatever deposits you have incoming between that moment and when you discover it.

As a matter of practice, just don’t click links from emails. If someone you transact with sends you an email, just go straight to their web site and log in direct. I am in the habit of doing it even when the emails look legit because this type of scam is so pervasive and like you’ve just witnessed, sometimes it’s not easy to tell. They weren’t very clever with the email address but sometimes they can fool you they look legit at first glance.

Be careful out there. :slight_smile:


Thank you @LoneStar for helping in the spirit of which my post was intended :blush: I appreciate you.