Amazing pr for Tiny Tiki Via Glamping Hub

Just got this today:))) > Hi Julia!

How is your summer season? I just wanted to share this article from The List that features Ethan’s stay at your caravan :blush:

Have a look and let me know what you think!

Hope you’re doing great!


Congratulations! That’s wonderful! I wish I still lived in California so I could stay there.

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This below recommendation was last year before launch, from kona… What happened to them? I wish I could thank them!
“Unless it’s very unusual and/or super upscale, that (150) price point is waaaaaaaay too high.” well they were wrong on this…

"You might check out Glamping Hub. I’m not Glamping but I have had a couple of guests off thi s platform. Could be a better fit."But right on here<><>

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How cool is that?!?!? Wonderful

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Wow what an awesome video of your place . Congratulations!

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More famous than b4!!!
Thank you Travel Experta, Glamping Hub, and Host unusual []

!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Wow! Congratulations! Your place is pretty fabulous.

We were put onto the intro Banner @ Host Unusual:: Yeah! (this account is paid)

We had a famous instagrammer here JOSIE (@josie_sanders) !!!
She posted a tagged photo!!! 3600 likes 150 comments, So happy, now what?