Amazing F'ed up mistake on AirBnB's part - payment related

I’ve been co-hosting with a particular client, J. for the past year, with no issues, and full payment going to listing’s owner.

In December, AirBnb decided - all on their own - to pay me instead of the person listed on the payout method.

I spoke with Customer Service immediately, before the payment was posted to my account. They were helpful - and let slip that this is a semi-regular problem at the moment. She said that they would cancel the payment to my account and credit the correct account.

Fast forward - today I get a notification that AirBnB has overpayed me, and will take funds out of future payments. Which is NOT okay. I co-host for different groups - my next payments will be for S’s listing, not J’s and not mine, and won’t be for several months when we might have this all on top of mind.

I called Customer Service again and found a much less helpful representative. He kept explaining that they would just make an adjustment. It took 40 minutes for him to understand that an adjustment wasn’t going to be an acceptable solution.

Allegedly, they will be pulling the funds back out of my account today. That said - anyone that co-hosts this is currently a know issues, so track your payments, and make very clear what resolution you expect from Customer Service.