Am I the only one to think that the new functionalities are layout are confusing?

Hello Fellow Hosts,
I have been hosting for years and dealing with every new change in Airbnb’s platform. However, I find the new layout and functionalities to be less user friendly. The color coding, the blocking of days, etc, seems more confusing. Am I the only one who finds it confusing? Is there any way that I can set things up for a cleaner, less complicated system?


No this forum
And Airbnb Community and others are littered with complaints about the new format :grin: @MissMiami


I’m sorry, what are you referring to? It sounds like the multi-calendar because that’s the only place I know of that has color coding (though you set the colors yourself). I rarely look at that and just use the full page calendar.

@Helsi, @JJD Is it possible that I have the wrong format? My calendar is now so “busy” looking, I find it difficult to set minimum days – for instance, my default is minimum of 10 days, but if I have a large gap between two stays, for instance, 6 days, and I want to change my default of 10 days and set a specific period for 6 days, it used to be easy, now it’s difficult. Would you be able to point me to other posts with complaints about the new format, please?

I’m really sorry, I’m not aware of any new format for the calendar, it all looks the same to me. It sounds like you may be on the multi-calendar view instead of the full page view. When you look at your calendar, do you scroll through it left and right or up and down?

Maybe show a screenshot of what you’re seeing.

Did you recently sign up for Professional Host Tools?

@JJD I’m so sorry for the silly question: how do I know if I have professional host tools?

Do you have more than one listing? If not you couldn’t be using them.

If so, check this article.

@KKC You are right, I do have the professional host tools; now I’m afraid to turn it off because it appears that settings will be gone, and I will have to set everything all over again…
Thank you for your guidance.


Maybe that’s right now but it was not a while back. I signed up for the Professional Tools with one listing a couple of years ago.


I stand corrected. I just now checked and I could use them even though I only have one listing.

Not sure, but I think any host could always use them. It’s just one of those typically ambiguous or confusing ways that Airbnb states things that leads hosts to think they are only for hosts with multiple listings.

What I don’t understand is why you have to turn them on. Why aren’t they just made available on everyone’s hosting account? They’re no different from any other features and settings a host might want to use.

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There are lots of complaints about the new format and categories- if you use the search function on Airbnb Community they should come up.

Miss Miami is talking about the calendar, not the new search options. It is clear in her post.