Am I reading the forum too fast for it to update anymore?

I always try to sign in and then go to my unread posts at the top but I have been finding for the past couple of weeks that it doesn’t always update as read. It is updating less than half the time. Sometimes if I scroll back up to parts I’ve already read and then scroll back down it goes to read but not always. Anyone else having the problem? How can I fix it?

I only have problems on the app, not the website.

I’m having the same problem and I am manually loading the new comments with the scroll, too.

I didn’t even know we had an app! I’ll see if I can download that and maybe avoid the problem, reverse of KKC. What is the app? I searched “airhostsforum” in the App Store and came up with no results.


I probably misused the word, maybe it’s just the mobile web version of the site. Just open the site in a browser on your phone. Then I was able to load a shortcut onto my phone. It’s been so long ago I’ve forgotten details.

I am viewing it on my phone. I think I have only looked at this site on the laptop a couple times ever.

Ok, sorry, I can’t help.

No worries. I appreciate the try!

If you load the site on your phone and choose “save to home page” in top right of the browser, it will save it in your app list but not on your home screen. :wink: