Am I being compensated fairly?

strong texthello everyone,i am in need of some advice,opinions,and possibly a job offer to relocate locally,I am a third property manager for an Airbnb host ,I started in May 2016.I had answered an ad online for someone in need of janitorial services for 2-3 hrs. a day . and the person also added that they were trying to manage a family hotel. i was going through a breakup at the time and was also looking for an affordable room to rent monthly,Id never heard of Airbnb before this.i emailed the ad ,asking if the manager would be interested in exchanging a rent reduction in trade for the 2-3 hours that she needed. She agreed when I got there, I realized that she had just recently moved out . slowly but surely via phone . i started doing the hosting,But there is no written contract stating that I work for her at all. The only proof I have, are my reviews.In which our guests have stated my name. I love hosting and being of service . I have had not one single day off . and am unable to make any plans really, because she forwards me the departure the very same morning , also its all on instant book and shes been accepting the bookings after check in time . i am so exhausted.we had a guest destroy a room and when i sent the photos of the mess and damages to her she charged a hundred dollar extra cleaning fee to them and kept it for herself I only know because the guests werebmad and posted it on a review ,my only compensation is a shared room .this Host had another account that got shut down , until she hired me . Am I being treated fairly ?

This is really an employment issue rather than an AirBNB hosting issue.

You agreed to work 2-3 hours a day in exchange for reduced rent. If you’re working more than 2-3 hours a day then you need to either renegotiate with your employer, put up with it or leave.

If you decide to renegotiate, set out what was agreed, and explain you’re now doing more than that and would like $X or Y in addition to your current arrangement.

Depending what country you’re in, she might also be in strife depending on employment laws. For example, in Australia, she would have to comply with the award for cleaners, which she probably isn’t if you do not get a day off and are only receiving reduced rent.

Best of luck.

A lot of hosting companies charge 20 - 25 % of income for their services to include managing BNB account, meeting guests, dealing with any issues that arise, working with cleaner to ensure apartment is of the right standard, being on call for guests.

If you have accommodation then obviously you would have a lower commission rate to cover.

If you want a job offer (you don’t say where :frowning: ) then you could approach existing hosting companies in your area or advertise your services on local hosting groups

Thank you you’ve answered my questions perfectly

So are any of the hosts hired as onsite ,or they pay rent somewhere else , or just pay rent onsite? And then make 20_25ercen

I was offered an hourly rate instead of room

I really don’t know. I would presume each host would make their own arrangements with those who are managing their property.

Do some research in your area about what management companies charge. You can then talk to the host about what you will charge taking into account your rent.

You also need to be clear with your host about how many hours you will do each week and how you will work with them. They can’t expect you to be at their beck and call 24/7.

I wouldn’t agree to have instant book turned on, if you are managing the property.

If you want to continue managing BNB properties and aren’t happy with your current arrangement, why not get your own space and then offer a service to hosts locally to manage their properties.