Am I allowed to list my unit on Airbnb in Long Beach for short term rental?

I have a investment in Long beach with 12 units, I wanted to list them on airbnb and I asked zoning dept in City of Long beach. they said they dont allow Airbnb in this area.

I feel it’s not right, because I can see there is more then 10 listing in my area, they dont seem to have a problem, is there any workaround for this? what‘s the worst case if I listed my unit on Airbnb? Maybe I can afford the fine, and to Airbnb anyways?

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You got your answer, No! You are taking affordable housing off the market and they will and should come down hard on you. Just obey the law and do conventional leases.


Agreed. Also in SF you will be fined $500 per day for illegal hosting. :scream:

Well it totaly depends on the zoning ordinances. So the person in Long Beach government should show you where in the ordinances it says you cannot do short term rentals. Curt

Here’s an article.

The article says STR is illegal in Long Beach and most likely they are. But the article does not site any direct zoning ordinance. You need to see what the zoning ordinance says specifically that bans them. Regards, Curt Peterson

I’m also trying to find out if I can air bnb a guesthouse i have on my property here in Long Beach. I believe STR’s are not legal yet but there may be some wiggle room if you (the owner) is already staying on the property?

I see this is an old post, but came across it while I was working and wanted to respond. I am the founder of a professional property management company for vacation rentals in Long Beach, OC and Lake Arrowhead.(Venture Yours) Long Beach has been doing a lot of work in the past couple of years to approve the short term rental ordinance. The last hearing was this past Tuesday; we are in the final stages of the ordinance being adopted. It may be brought forth 1 or 2 times more before it is adopted. So, is it legal to rent your property? Yes & No. No, it is not legal, but Long Beach has partnered with Airbnb to runs tests and see the benefits and how short term rentals can use that within the city. In otherwords, the city is not giving violations if you are renting your home as a vacation rental, but when they do pass the ordinance, if you don’t have a certification, they will then be able to fine you.
@TheBlue for your property specifically, you have 12 units; the new ordinance will put a cap on the percentage of units that you can rent as short term.
A few other things to note on the drafted ordinance:

  • a cap of properties allowed to host vacation rentals
  • you can not legally turn your ADU into a vacation rental
  • There will be an occupancy tax

I’d be happy to answer more questions.

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