Always act as if you are phone recorded with guests

I had an interesting phone call or two…just now. I thought everything was fine…considering I put a turkey upon request in the fridge for this week for guests landing in NC late tomorrow night. There have been major fires in my area that have guests scared.

This is an Airbnb guest and asked me what my cancellation policy was…just now on phone. I told him that only if there is a mandatory evacuation will I refund. This is all strange considering I have been in contact with his parents/in - laws/wife (just today and past days) and tonight get this phone call.

BUT…I did notice a heavy smoke today…but can be gone tomorrow. I was not able to find out any more info today from my usual contacts and just let it go. They are already confirmed to be flying in tomorrow night so didn’t see any point in telling them if the winds blew a different direction. I had just emailed imporant directions from the airport and was told thank you.

I could tell during mid convo I was on speaker phone and possibly being recorded. I was prepared with my answers. I was honest but also let the guest know I would never invite him to fly half way across the country and lie about the conditions I am experiencing. They have an infant (that was his concern) and I told him that his infant is not going to be outside the whole time they are here, and I cannot control outside conditions. I was more than helpful before. I don’t know what map he was looking at. But he kept saying I am in this or that colored area with smoke, etc. At least before I knew that…I didn’t lie. He is just a young father looking out for his family’s best interest.

My warning is…be careful as your convo could be being recorded for Air. Make it clear you do not refund unless there is a mandatory evacuation. He called back asking if I had Blu-Ray or whatever so they could bring their own movies. So hopefully all is good.

It is against the law to record a phone conversation in the USA with notifying everyone on the call that it is being recorded. No recordings made without that notification can be legally used within the USA.

I always try to use the speaker phone to avoid putting the cell to my head (EMF exposure).

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I thought in a few states it is legal. Regardless, I guess I am just wanting to make a point to not be caught off guard with someone wanting to possibly cancel at the last minute.

With Air guests I have to behave a bit differently and on extra good, specific, literal behavior. If I take guests directly through my own site I don’t have to tip toe as much. Craziness…

Me too. It was just the questions that were asked and I had no idea about the “purple area” and all that. Obviously the guest is more aware than I am . It just kind of freaked me out, and glad I was somewhat prepared with my own “redneck spiel” - “this is what Bobby Joe told me down the street and he is my man”…lol.

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That’s not exactly true.

Colorado is a one party consent state. That one party is me. I never notify & I record each and every phone I make or receive. An app runs on my phone in the background. I never have to think about it as it’s automatic and it just works.

Well, that is creepy. You don’t even have to tell the other person that you are recording?

In all but eleven States only one party has to consent. Massachusetts is one of the States where both parties have to consent. Thankfully, so is California.

How is that creepy? Just assume there is always a record of what you say.

Nope, not in CO. I can also take your picture on the street, anywhere in the U.S., without asking.

Most people don’t think about it, but unless you don’t leave your house, your image is taken dozens if not hundreds or more times a day anyway.

Actually it’s not illegal to tape record a conversation. It’s just that if you don’t have permission you can’t use it in court. Although I could be mistaken as I often am :slight_smile:

I’m not even American but I know that’s not true, you have many states where one party can consent and record the other person without their knowledge and use it in court. Don’t you watch People’s Court and Judge Judy lol

No. Never.

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This is not true in all states.

Evidently… so why am I asked when I call a business or they call me if it is okay to be recorded? This is when businesses located in those eleven states are on the other end of the phone? Is it because I am not in one of those states? Or are they just being extra cautious?

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It could be because Massachusetts is one of the states where both parties must consent. Also, as it’s impossible to tell where people are on the phone; I would assume that most businesses would assume that they are talking to someone who is in one of the states where most parties must consent.

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in any case, @cabinhost, stay safe! Keep us posted!

Because many business do business in multiple states, which means the state laws can be trumped by federal laws, so it’s for their protection. In our case, you never know how far some wacko guest will go to save a few bucks, so just always be on your guard.

I don’t do anything by phone anyway. It’s all email, text, and Air BnB messaging. I like things to be in writing. That way guests can’t try to screw me over if it becomes a he-said/he-said situation. Fortunately it’s never come up for me. :slight_smile: