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HI, I have been using Guesty for a full year now and the last months they have not been really responsive. I am thinking of another platform. Do you have any recommendation?Thx

A description of what Guesty does might be useful/relevant.

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I’m not sure which features you’re looking for, but Hostaway is a channel manager that allows you to manage your listing on airbnb,, homeaway, 9flats and expedia in one place. You get a clear overview of the bookings and availability and rates are always up to date.

Later this summer we’re bringing automated guest messages and task delegation (cleaning, check-in and other tasks) which will automate a lot of the booking process.

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I’m curious which way you went

I’d love to know

I’m looking for something else … and as this is my 2nd post - I’ll try to figure out how to contact you for more comments on

my experience has been horrible - is my comments on my experience to date ( today is Sept 4, 2016) is whom we have gone with looked in to Guesty does not include pricelabs as per this outfit and overall costing better with the one we have chosen. If you have a big enough portfoilo (we have 10) they give you a free trial. i can let you all know how we get on starting in the next week just sorting our setup.

24/7 days a week cover, all the main partnered websites the tech side is brilliant that what swayed us. They are fairly newish global but have been in Amsterdam for a few years so they are starting to reach out .

i just decided to do it myself as at the end guesty was charging me around 300usd a month. i have a super detailed booking confirmation email that covers 99pc of the questions i get and 99pc of my booking are instant. works wonder so far and much less work, less stress and more money ! should have stopped long time ago using them but now its because i have a lot of experience (around 2000 guests hosted). in the beginning it was more tricky and good to use them

If you are only using the auto-messaging feature of Guesty, I have created a product designed to help with that.

It supports auto-messaging in 28 languages, has a quicker response rate (if you want to) or just work as an assistant (requiring you to approve/review messages), includes all the possible variables to really adapt the message to the guest. It doesn’t require you to change your email address. It is also a lot cheaper and much more controlled ($5/listing/month, no percentage).

You can have a free trial. You can see what it does now on


This article outlines what should be considered when looking for alternatives to Guesty:

Hi!, i am wondering what software did you end up using to manage that bunch of guests? also how do you sync calendars of the channels