Alternate between Entire Apartment and Private Room

Hi everyone!

Need some help from you guys on something. My flat mate and I just started on Airbnb. We want to rent out our entire apartment for the Christmas holidays. We would also like to rent out our rooms separately as I am away quite often for work. What would be the best way to handle this situation? There is no function to alternate between these two options when setting the availability for guests.

Hope someone can help out!

Thanks a mil

You’ll need two different listings which you will need to use as required depending on where you have availability.

Sorry I couldn’t point to a shortcut.

You’ll have to set up a separate listing for each. However, if the private room gets booked, it will cancel out the “entire home” listing.

Ok, thanks for replying so quickly. I thought it would be something like that but was hoping for some kind of hack.

Not too onerous. Just copy and paste and add a few more photos and words for the whole home listing.