Alteration used my base price

Just an FYI of something I saw. I have not yet reported this issue to airbnb.

I have a weekend premium priced using an airbnb rule. “83% nightly price increase”. Someone booked my dates with 1 guest. All is good with pricing at this point (I charge the same amount for the unit no matter how many guests they have - they just cannot exceed my guest limit)

The guest requested an alteration to change to 3 guests. Airbnb took my pricing back down to the BASE pricing when the guest requested the alteration!!!

I obviously declined the alteration! But, the guest noticed also ans asked about it, so I had to explain my pricing…

I started an alteration from my side also, and saw the SAME thing! It was reduced down to BASE pricing!

Yeah the reservation change requests mess up the pricing. They don’t take into account special factors like length-of-stay discounts etc. I usually just set my own price on a change request and send it to the guest.